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Game Info + Current Records:

Borderlands 2 is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game that was developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K Games. It is the sequel to 2009's Borderlands and was released for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. As with the first game, Borderlands 2 players complete a campaign consisting of central quests and optional side-missions as one of five vault hunters on the planet Pandora. Key gameplay features from the original game, such as online collaborative campaign gameplay; randomly generated loot, such as weapons and shields; and character-building elements commonly found in role-playing video games are found in Borderlands 2.

Current records (Solo) Single Segment = 4:59:56 By Vortale

(Co-op) Single Segment = (Work In Progress)

Gameplay Physics:

The Games environment uses a modified Unreal 3 engine along with Physx, The main notable features about movement within Borderlands 2 are that the physics allow for high and very long jumps due to what appears to be reduced gravity however while driving vehicles the gravity does not seem to effect them in the same way.

Glitch List:

Movement Techs:

  • Grenade Boosting / Jumping: This trick requires that the player has no "Grenade Mod" equipped on their character as this trick ONLY works with regular grenades.(Unlike in Borderlands where modded grenades could be used)
    • Height Boost Aim directly down onto a flat surface and throw a grenade and jump just before it explodes (around 2.8 seconds) If you have done it correctly it will boost you upwards.
    • Long Jump Same method as Height boost except run forward then jump, so that the grenade explodes behind you, pushing you diagonally upwards.

  • Experimental Movement Techs
    • Commando Sprint Instructions displayed within the video. [Use-able ONLY in Co-op Run]
    • Rocket Jumps: As of yet there is no confirmed way to perform boosting using a Rocket Launcher however testing is still being conducted.

Weapon Glitches:

  • Infinite Ammo (Drop Method) Instructions in the video. [Note: If you have dropped a gun and need to fill your inventory again you can take off an accessory to fill your backpack]
  • Infinite Ammo (Swap Method) Instructions in the video. This method is not as simple as the "Drop method" and can easily be done incorrectly (Backpack MUST! be full again)
  • Judgy's Method Basically the same as the drop method however you set up 2 Vladof Rocket launchers to their "Free shot" and swap them both out one after the other resulting in increased returns (2RL's = -2 ammo consumption, 3RL's = -3 ammo consumption etc etc) this means E-Tech weapons and 3 A.P.S weapons can be made infinite.
  • Damage Swap Explanation quote from "L0rdy"
The glitch uses the Berserk ability from the Grunzerker and the glitch makes your offhand weapon have the same damage then your main weapon. So the most useful way I found to abuse this is have a rocketlauncher in your mainhand (right hand) and every bullet of your 
offhand will do the same damage as the rocketlauncher.

For the glitch to work following conditions have to be met:
- Offhand weapon must have an element (Fire/Electro/Explosion/etc...)
- Offhand weapon must have a firerate below 5.0(*)

*Tested it only up to a firerate of 4.5 but every weapon with 5.0 or above didnt work, dont really know the reason.

What is also to note is that the offhands Element is still in use as well as the kind of weapon it is. That means if you have an enemy which is weak against Fire and Pistols or any other element / weaponkind then he will take extra dmg from it as well (Same for resistance ofc).

Skips / Out of bounds:

  • Southern Shelf: Total = 4 [Updated:02/02/2013]
    • Boom-Bewm Early This cannot be used in a solo run however, it might have a use in a Co-op run as one player can enter the gun while the other activates the cut-scene.
    • Flynt Early After raising Claptrap on the elevator you can enter Flynts area before him to get a better position before the cut-scene.
    • Door Skips Both of the skips in the video are used to avoid waiting for a badass to break the door down.

  • Bloodshot Stronghold: Total = 2 [Updated:02/02 2013]
    • Firstly there are two methods to get OoB, The grenade method and the "New-U" method the first uses 4 grenades total the second uses 2 but ultimately takes a lot longer due to fighting required. each method explained to the point where they both meet.
    • Bloodshot OoB Grenade method After clearing the room grenade jump up onto the ledge then climb up to the highest point following the route shown, drop down onto the checkerboard wall (if you fall off here Save + Quit) from the wall jump to the invisible floor then up again to get to the higher section where you perform the grenade jump. follow the route as shown the 3rd grenade jump can be tight however if you aim to hit the wall to the right of where you wish to land it will normally work every time.
    • Bloodshot OoB "New-U" method Once you reach the room shown in the video jump onto the activated "New-U" station turn 180° so that your back is towards the wall, Aim towards the upright support and jump you should land on the pipe, walk towards the right and jump onto the wall, jump from the raised section onto the nearby column and use a grenade boost to get you over a high invisible wall (the grenade boost needs to be near-if-not-perfect)

After above methods: The next section requires you to perform a crouched jump in order to fit into the space between the two platforms (hold crouch all the way through or you get stuck) once out the other   side watch your movement as the floor directly infront of you is not 
solid walk around the outside section in an "L" movement or jump diagonally over the floor. Once over run and jump to the red wall section  there is a small ledge on its outer wall you can run along. once at the end jump onto the wall itself and perform a running jump to the
small section of land circled in this image. (the section marked by red is an invisble wall (you can see a black line there in-game) so jump to the right side of  it
Once you have made the jump run along until you reach the end where you need to jump onto a thin bit sticking out of the wall, once up find one of the two posts and use them to get onto the pipes, now you need to perform another grenade jump to boost yourself across
to an area where you can drop back in bounds. 

  • Bloodshot Ramparts: Total = 1 [Updated:02/02 2013]
    • Gate Hop By climbing over the gate before W4r-D3N you save time by not having to run around however you need to activate the New-U station before the fight if you are doing the fight skip. (After Roland is freed you save and quit to skip fighting the remaining loaders)

  • Highlands Outwash: Total = 2 [Updated:02/02 2013]
    • Bridge Skip [Video being made] If you destroy the loader before he reaches the controllers the bridge will stay in place.
    • Pipe Climb Should the previous technique fail you can climb the pipe shown by using a grenade jump.

  • Wildlife Exploitation Preserve: Total = 5 [Updated:02/02 2013]
    • Gate Jump After using the Switch if you jump over the gate you can advance further before you need to wound loaders
    • Waterfall Skip To avoid having to run through the dome you can take the waterfall up to the open area (you still need to use the door control however)
    • Skag Fight Skip using the high platforms you can skip the skag fight. The grenade jump itself can be very tight for the time it saves its worth maybe 2-3 attempts before giving up on it.
    • Other OoB These are currently not used in anyway during our current runs however I believe that the third shows potential and is currently being explored.
    • Bloodwing OoB Currently of no value however it might not be completely explored.

  • Thousand Cuts: Total = 1 [Updated:02/02 2013]

Other / Experimental:

  • Bloodwing Fight Safezone If you di during the Bloodwing Fight and your the commando class if you walk close to the edge of the elevator bloodwings HP bar will show and you can throw your turret down to kill him while your safe.
  • Strange Triggers This is an example of how some objectives triggers can seem to move unexpectedly the first 3 activate once i have killed 1 enemy that is inside the stockade. the last however activates when i am halfway along the road.
  • Saturn Skip/ Quick Info The saturn skip has been obsoleted as you need to use the elevator as a mission objective however if the "enter info stockade" trigger activates early (see above video) the outer climb could still be done.
  • Lift Clip To do this you need to stand on the edge of a elevator (more ON than OFF) and when your character starts raising / lowering walk into the wall more and you will shoot upwards after a while.

[Note: If you stand More OFF of the platform when the elevator goes up it will force you OoB into the ceiling.]

  • Mortar Block Simply throw your turret infront of the elevators doorway and mortar won't be able to move.
  • Flynt Derp [Video being Made] By throwing your turret at flynt he will generally concentrate on it sometimes not even attacking it, allowing you to get behind him and hit his critical area (back of his head)


(will do tomorrow)

Notable Streams

Boss Information

Alphabetical List

  • Bad Maw (Three Horns Valley)
    • Loot - Random (Greens + Blues + Eridium)

  • Black Queen (The Dust) Located in the area behind Elle's
    • Loot - Derp Nukem (Legendary Rocket Launcher)

  • Blue - (Caustic Caverns)
    • Loot - Fabled Tortoise (Legendary Shield)

  • BNK3R (Thousand Cuts > The Bunker)
    • Loot - The Sham (Legendary Shield)
    • Loot - Guileless HellFire (Legendary SMG)

  • Boll (Three Horns Divide)
    • Loot - Fastball (Legendary Grenade Mod)

  • Bonehead 2.0 (Arid Nexus - Badlands)
    • Loot - Drops LVL 28~30 versions of "Bone Shredder"

  • Boom & Bewm (Southern Shelf)
    • Loot - Bonus Package (Legendary Grenade Mod)

  • Captain Flynt (Southern Shelf)
    • Loot - Tinder Box (Blue Pistol)
    • Loot - Thunderball Fists (Legendary Pistol)

  • DJ Hunter Hellquist (Arid Nexus - Boneyard)
    • Loot - The Bee (Legendary Shield)

  • Doc Mercy (Three Horns Valley)
    • Loot - The Infinity (Legendary Pistol, never needs to be reloaded)

  • Donkey Mong (Eridium Blight)
    • Loot - Random (Greens + Blues + Purples + Eridium)

  • Dukino's Mom (Lynchwood > The Old Mine)
    • Required Mission Completed - Demon Hunter
    • Boss Level - 29
    • Reward - Sniper Rifle
      • Loot - Mongel (Legendary Rocket Launcher) Money, Eridium, 1 Shotgun, 1 SMG, 1 Shield

  • Foreman (Opportunity)
    • Loot - Black Hole (Legendary Shield)

  • Gettle (The Dust)
    • Loot - Lyudmila (Legendary Shield)

  • Grendel (Hayter's Folly)
    • loot- Potent Torment (green pistol)

  • Henry (The Highlands)
    • Loot - The Cradle (Legendary Shield)

  • Incinerator Clayton (Frostburn Canyon)
    • Loot - Pyrophobia (Legendary Rocket Launcher)

  • King Mong (Eridium Blight)
    • Loot - Badaboom (Legendary Rocket Launcher)

  • Knuckle Dragger (Windshear Waste)
    • Loot - Hornet (Legendary Pistol)

  • Laney White (The Fridge)
    • Loot - Gub (Legendary Pistol)

  • Mad Dog (Lynchwood)
    • Loot - Madhous (Legendary Assault Rifle)

  • Mad Mike (Bloodshot Stronghold)
    • Loot - Random

  • Madam Von Bartlesby (Tundra Express)
    • Loot - Baby Maker (Legendary SMG)

  • McNally (The Dust)
    • Loot - Hammer Buster (Legendary Assault Rifle)

  • Midgemong / Warmong (Southern Shelf Bay)
    • Loot - KerBlaster (Legendary Assault Rifle)

  • Mobley (The Dust)
    • Loot - Veruc (Legendary Assault Rifle)

  • Old Slappy (Highlands Outwash)
    • Loot - Texas Striker (Legendary Shotgun)

  • Pimon (Wildlife Exploitation Preserve)
    • Loot - Transformer (Legendary Shield)

  • Rakk Man (The Fridge)
    • Loot - Gunerang (Legendary Pistol)

  • Saturn (Arid Nexus - Badlands)
    • Loot - Invader (Legendary Sniper Rifle)

  • Scorch (Frostburn Canyon)
    • Loot - Hellfire (Legendary SMG)

  • Smash Head (The Fridge)
    • Loot - Sledge's Shotgun (Legendary Shotgun)

  • Son of Mothrakk (Wildlife Exploitation Preserve)
    • Loot - Skullmasher (Legendary Sniper Rifle)

  • Spycho (Frostburn Canyon)
    • Loot - Neogenator (Legendary Shield)

  • Terramorphous (Terramorphous Peak)
    • Loot - Hide of Terramorphous (Legendary Shield), Breath of Terramorphous (Legendary Grenade Mod),
    • Loot - Slayer of Terramorphous (Legendary Class Mod), Blood of Terramorphous (Legendary Relic)

  • The Warrior (Vault of the Warrior)
    • Loot - Unkempt Harold (Legendary Pistol), Conference Call (Legendary Shotgun), The Flakker (Legendary Shotgun),
    • Loot - Volcano (Legendary Sniper Rifle), Hellfire (Legendary SMG), Impaler (Legendary Shield),
    • Loot - Leech (Legendary Grenade Mod), The Warrior (Head Customization), Multiple Blues and Purples

  • Tumba (Wildlife Exploitation Preserve)
    • Loot - Deliverance (Legendary Shotgun)

  • Vermivorous the Invincible (Caustic Caverns/Tundra Express)
    • Boss Level - 53
    • Method - Must transform varkids to Ultimate Badass Varkid, then it must kill something OTHER than a varkid to transform into Vermivorous.
      • Loot - 1 Legendary Class Mod (Medium Chance), 1 Blue Item, 1 Purple Item, Money, Eridium

  • W4R-D3N (Bloodshot Ramparts)
    • Loot - Random (Greens + Blues)

  • Wilhelm (End of the Line)
    • Loot - Logan's Gun (Legendary Pistol), Rolling Thunder (Legendary Grenade Mod)


  • Skill Charts
  • Creation of "Save States"
    • Method:
      • Get to the point in the game you wish to create a "Save State" as Completely Close the borderlands 2 program.
      • Go to your Borderlands 2 Local data (C:\Users\"Username"\Documents\my games\Borderlands 2) **Might be different on Various Operating system versions (XP,Vista ,7 , 8 ETC) this is the directory on 7.
      • Select the WillowGame Folder and copy it to a different location and Rename it to a suitable name Eg. "LVL 7 Axton Bloodshot-S" (Save Created)
  • Restoration of "Save States"
    • Method:
      • Before you decide to restore a "Save State" ALWAYS create a Copy of your most recent progress (Unless for some reason you have Bricked the game)
      • When you do want to restore a "Save State" Open the folder Eg. "LVL 7 Axton Bloodshhot-S" copy all 4 folders within it(Config, Localization, Logs and SaveData) and Paste them back into the original WillowGame folder.

¡¡¡ Warning DO NOT! "Cut" your save folders back into the WillowGame folder as this removes the files from where you had them safely stored ALWAYS!!! COPY + PASTE. !!!

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