Bioshock Infinite

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Port Prosperity Fight

??? Fight Wave

First Tear Fight

This skip is obsolete if using the Cemetry Fight and Lutece skip.

Downtown Emporia Fight

Factory Fight

Asylum (using Charge)

(I missed the original video in the thread somewhere)

Cemetery Fight and Lutece

Works better with a high framerate.

Elevator to Plaza of Zeal Cutscene


Getting Over Any Wall

Make Downtown Emporia Handyman Kill Himself

Welcome Center Jump

Finkton Docks Shortcut

Monorail Wall Clip

Backtracking to break cutscenes

Potential Timesaver during Pursuit of Elizabeth

Fight Strategies

Good Time Club

Final Fight

Sky Road Fight

OOB locations


Cemetery into Bank

Comstock Gate

Battleship Bay


Infinite fall glitch

Weird respawns/Death Warps

Kwanzai's Notes

Soft Locks

Getting Shock Jockey from Slate

  • After killing Slate too fast. Video by Evomagic

Killing Daisy Fitzroy

  • Before killing Daisy by entering the Zeppelin early. Video by Amzblk
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