Bionic Commando Rearmed

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A note on this game: While there is an ingame timer, it should not be used for timing runs of this game, as it does not count time spent on the map or in truck stages. Therefore, all runs of this game should be timed manually, from the first movement of the helicopter to losing control upon reaching the door in Area A. Due to differences in loading times, this means that runs on the X360, PS3 and PC versions cannot be directly compared, at least not until the total loading time has been calculated for each version.


Any% - Beat the game as fast as possible.
100% - Clear all stages, get every secret and retrieve all items from the neutral areas and tunnels.
Low% is currently omitted because it's highly unlikely anyone would bother to run it - there'd only be one thing setting it apart from any%.

Additional information

Game Mechanics and Tricks - Tips and tricks for grappling yourself to success.

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