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Bioshock 2 Speedrun walk through 2/10/2010, updated 10/16/2010 by Dr. Whooo

      • Intro

Head to first plasma, kill second splicer, get health kit.

Head back to the generator, shock it - door is on a timer to open, feel free to kill splicers.

Shock water(optional if you want to conserver eve), head to rivet gun, trigger cutsceen.

Go around and collect health/items if you want, big sister is on a timer before she runs.

Keep walking to the window to trigger flood... and start walking.

Head to drain room, activate drain.

      • Atlantic Express

Head to control room. Push button. Wait.

Fall in water.. start start walking, looting the bodies as you go along.

Get next plasmid (TK). TK the 2 eve vials on the way.

Trigger door, pull wrech out and head to the elevator. Use the barrels to clear the elevator.

Exit the elevator. TK the health on the way to the ticket booth.

Kill splicer to activate button, press button.

Kill all the splicers to trigger train dialog. Barrels work well.

-- Must wait for sincleair to finish talking before tarin starts moving.

      • Ryan Amusements

Go into the office, hack the door, get the ticket. (optional) upgrade drill or rivet gun?

Grab the faster run speed on your way to the lounge.

Kill the big daddy - get the little sister.

First harverst is at the bottom of stairs outside of lounge. Fight off splicers while little sister does her thing.

Second harvest is in the room off to right along the ride's track. Look for a burning barrel for the door.

Hack gun while you walk in. Put little sister down. Trip rivet everything up. Buy stuff if needed

Carry little sister to workroom. TODO: See which part is faster, Harvesr vs Rescue.

Head back up and get Incinerat!, extra health and Eve Hpack use plasmids.

(optinal) Get Eve Upgrade from the second machine in the iced up room.

--first machine is incin, extra health, and eve on hpack use

--in iced room if you harvest rather then save there is another adam station that has

--careful hacker, extra nut,armored shell, gene tonic, eve upgrade

Pull/ kill big sister. Seems to be fairly easy to kill her in the door between the 2 main rooms.. (I know, so descriptive...)

-- 40 adam and hpack from big sis

Melt ice on the way to the control room. Press buton, get on train. (optional) Find a way to block the door to the control room so you arnt locked in while Sinclaire is talking.

    • Pauper's Drop

Head to the hotel and trigger the brute blocking the door.

Get the camera from the medical clinic; door code 0047, drop through roof. Record the splicer, head right toward the brute splicer spawn.

Record the brute while you kill him (check to see if you get dash before you actually kill him, might be able to just record, do some damge and run towards the hotel agian)- Get dash.

Head to old lady for key. Jump down from the third floor and head back to train.

Put key in. Get in the train.

      • Siren Alley

Pick up the 30 adam (three 10 adam slugs) on the way to drain room. (optional) You can also pick it up on the way back to the park's drain room.

Head to the where you enter door code. Hack the turret on the way up the stairs (should be able to find a auto hack dart in Ryan's Amus.)

-1919 (should be able to use movement keys to enter code)

Kill everyone. (see if the 'secret room' is worth going to while you fight)

Kill wales. (still need a good strat for this, keep dying at least 1 time every time...)

Start pump. Gather things in the pump control room while dialog is going on.

Head back to drain room and enter Dionysus Park.

      • Dionysus Park

--door code is 1080 for weapon upgrade

Go in kill hudini. Must kill them before the door will open.

Grab Rocket Launcher on way to train (during the elanor voiceover?)

Walk up to the window to trigger the little sister collections.

Head back out of the train station and take the first left, keep going straight-ish till you get in the theater and see the first little sister.

First little sister is in the theater. Kill the big daddy and harvest her.

Seconnd little sister is in fisher gallery.

After you collect the first one head back out of the theater to the main room and take a left. Go to the door in the back of the room and go through to doors and take the first Left. Keep swinging left and then it should open up on the right. Take the first left in that room and she should be there with the big daddy. Harvest her and head to the last little sister.

You should have an arrow for the third little sister thats in lambs garden. big sister is triggered sometime during this fight (not sure how or why). Harvest the last little sister. -- There is no need to kill big sister.

Head back to train. Wait for dialog to finish so you can board the train. (collect things while you wait if there is time)

      • Fontaine Futuristics

DRILL SPECIALIST AT PLASMA VENDOR (test this out and see if this is worth the effort of no other weapons..)

Head down to drain room. --- damage research plasmid skipable

You can clip through the plants on left to get to door faster. (Havn't done this in a while.. needs testing/practice)

Trigger the drain.

must kill all spplicer to trigger door button

door button triggers alpha...

must kill alpha to open door

-- rivet traps will hurt him when eh jumps.. load up on those if you can to make him go down faster

next bit is a bunch of dialog... migth as while hack safe and loot while it plays...

time to go for bulding sec..

1st disable

one is starigh forward.. on back wall of first room

2nd disable

goto showroom... gotta fight some hudini's and an alpha

-- must stand in spotlight to trigger

3rd disable

up stairs to fontains place

4th disable

marketing admin off to the left from fontain's

goto the sec room

press button

head to drain room, fill room

in lag trigger dialog and then turn on both bnreakers.. one on left, 1 right

get first plant

kill 2 alphas then go for the next plant

once you get the second trigger the stuck in room events

kill alpha and 2 splicers to open door again

3rd plant

once you aporead it a cut scene will trigger, grab plant

drop down the hole in floor

4th is in the cell

head back to main room

press button on panel

kill alphas and splicers

and wait till key is gettable and then head back to drain room

fill room and use key on fiuel pump

go in pump room that is now behind the pump

drain room and head down vator

      • Outer Persephone

head to lab and press door button

kill the 2 big sisters

enter chamber to trigger cutscene

head trhough vent

head to office

head trhough vent

pull lever

find first part of siut

2nd part of suit

3nd part of suit

head back through office and to iso chamber and give her the suit

watch cutscene

head to iso chamber area and kill splicers

wait for dia and load to inner persephone

      • Inner Persephone

head to the psych ward.. hack door.. walk door button


chase sinclear to gaurd shack

door code -- 2673

kill sinclair

use key

head back to docking platform

goto the pedicatric after trigger

kill splicers.. press button

head to the infirm and repeat

go back to main room.. touch window.. fight.. kill pipes on ceiling....

goto vator

done and done

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