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My massive notes for a general run

Route & Info: This is mainly for a New Game Normal Run.

Obviously, take the quickest possible route through levels, getting Kilgore, Durga and the whip.

Italic Text is for New Game+ runs but probably isn’t that useful.

I suggest you read all the text for an idea of the run. If you have any suggestions, fixes and other gumph, please tell me.

Weapons, Accessories, Items and Suggestions - New Game Only

Durga – takes 15 seconds or so to get, is used in most fights afterwards.

Whip – So long baby.

Odette – Don't need these.

Weapons - Pretty much the entire time I've played, I have used Sword/Fire Claws and Guns/Kilgore when I have the choice with Sword/Claws being used for a majority of fighting and guns/kilgore being swapped to when needed. May as well equip Onyx Roses on feet until you get kilgore for combo scores and a tiny bit more speed.

Shopping list: Stiletto, Air Dodge, Afterburner Kick, 3 yellow lollies, tetsuzanko, crow within, bat within, Moon, two more yellows, 3 red, 2 red.

Crow Within + Afterburner Kick – Both needed for skips.

Tetsuzanko – Just very useful and fast.

Angel Attack – Does not count toward time gained. Trade all points for halos until you need no more. After that, you should aim to get 30-50 points every round for a Red Lolly. Get a Moon Pearl for chapter 14. -> Idea from Psychochild.

Moon Pearls – If you have plenty of left over money, buying all of these at the shop can make parts of the game slightly quicker and easier. Especially for chapter 14

Witch Hearts - For the weak.

Kilgore – ESSENTIAL for the Kilgore glitch.

Angel Arms – Staffs for groups, Bows for big enemies, Grace claws for Glory early, then use them for next set of enemies later on.

PANTHER EVERYWHERE ZOOOOOOOOOOOM NNNYYEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOMMMMM. before Panther, you should stiletto or air dodge as much as possible.

Whenever possible, use weapon swap during a PPPPK combo.


Change camera speed and if possible, un-invert rocket/gun controls for preference and turn off tutorials~

Next to each chapter, is the original guide time and current best time.

Chapter by Chapter

Prologue - 3:31 - 2:22

Aim: Get a Pure platinum for halo bonus.

Verse 1 - Just kill enemies here really. Use a P launcher, then spam P for punish and K to kick at the end. Use a combo into launch if you're low on magic. Torture once in first fight. Torture big affinity in second phases right away then get enough magic for Verse 2.

Verse 2 – Use all magic to torture. 3 Charges = 3 tortures = done. Launch an enemy then use air PPPK(charge)K(charge)K(charge) to get maximum magic.

Chapter 1 - 8:16 - 5:21

Need – 10k by Gates of Hell for Air Dodge. Use Jump+P as standard movement. Verse 1 - Sprint to Key room, pick up key and skip enemies. PPPPK the door and PKP the chest.

Verse 2 - Water gap can be jumped with Panther. Fight is standard fare. They won't drop a staff if you torture them. Break door and go up. Run down hallway, buy Air Dodge.

Verse 4 - Fight at fountain. Get a staff for beloved. Use Torture on affinities where possible. Two staffs will drop from the first Angels regardless. One Trumpet should drop also. Get a mace =O

Beloved – Use Mace E twice, then jumping PPPKKK will kill him if attacking the jewel thing on his back. Pick up the axe.

Verse 6 - Throw the axe carefully so that it breaks the door but doesn't hit any angels so you get to keep it. Stiletto and a double jump lands you perfect so you can K attack the door. Air Dodge is really tricky here.

Verse 7 - Fortitudo – Run part way down toward the bridge so that you get assistance. Shoot and punch the boss in witch time. PKPing constantly using dodge offset to get Witch time isn't much faster and is harder to pull off. Reflecting with Moon will help damage

Verse 8 -Beloved at Bridge – The axe should kill it and it'll throw you the earliest it can. PKP with sword owns it. For Phase two kill as fast as you can. You can get one PKP off as the stairs break and another near the top. Then proceed to PKP using Dodge Offset to get witch time. When in Witch Time use PPPPK to deal a lot of damage in time.

Chapter 2 - 9:30 - 5:10~

Verse 1 - Jeanne - ON PS3 IT’S POSSIBLE TO HIT HER WITH WICKED WEAVES AT THE START DUE TO THE LOAD TIME. Unfortunately, this is very hard to reliably time due to variance between attempts. Get close and attack. PPPKP is very effective, almost a guaranteed hit. In Witch Time, PPKKK does most damage (maybe). I've found the fastest way for this is to do PPPKP -> PPKKK and repeat. two of those should kill her. It's a very luck reliant, but amazingly the most consistent Moon counter attacks give a lot of witch time, use accordingly.

Verse 2 – Skippable but torture a Staff wielder grab the staff then skip. Attack the Dears+Decorations for really fast magic if necessary.

Verse 3 – Use spin kick to deal max damage at the start. First affinity always drops Bow, Torture the blue affinity with a staff. Use the staff to kill everything. Torture a mace user. Kill one K mace attack on beloved and kill everything else with a mace. Save second bow.

Verse 4 – Dodge tram, 3 bow shots should kill the enchants.

Verse 7 – Courtyard. Fight the wheels. Use remaining bow shots then PPPPK remaining ones. Get LP for sword. Obv use Axe on second beloved.

Verse 9 – Torture first Affinity and kill the other. You can stiletto accross this gap from the floor. You can Panther jump across without needing to use the bridge.

Verse 10 – Head to the back right and use the spin on the staff. After that, jumping PPPPK Onyx Switch until dead. ~may be worth taunting first to get more money after. not certain~

post - Pick up two yellow lollies after the level, Afterburner Kick if you don't have and get the sword. Try and get Tetsuzanko for dogs on ch 3.

Chapter 3 - 8:03 - 4:06

Buy three yellow lollies, Stilletto and tetsuzanku.

Equip the sword in hands A and Onyx Roses on Feet B.

Verse 1 – Kill first two enemies in witch time, stiletto to next, torture then fight from there. Torture twice and staff spin asap.

Verse 3 – Stiletto a lot.

Verse 4 – Kill a dog. PPPKP -> (air) PPPKKK -> Torture = 17s clear. Use Jump Cancelling if confident.

Verse 6 – Use yellow lolly to get through wall. Use variant on Vard skip using Air Dodge.

Vardinator's Skip This skip also partly works without panther and does save time. "There was another trick in The Burning Ground, as well. During the Witch-Walking segment after you surf across the magma with that angel, go to the right wall. When you come to the point in which the wall explodes, Panther-jump over the gap. You should overshoot it, and then a Super-Mario-Galaxy-gravity effect will take hold and you'll be swung around straight to the clock tower, if only a few meters off. Definitely faster than running through that section normally."

Verse 7 – Kill two dogs. Try to get them to bunch up and get them into PKP stunlock.

Verse 8 – Completely skippable. Run past them all. You can start stilettoing safely at the half wall break.


“Well, I found a Panther Within related trick in The Burning Ground for an IL or NG+ run. Basically, as the Panther, if you jump and then dodge out, you get this huge speed boost which is great for clearing gaps. Like, for example, the broken bridge. Normally, you'd have to enter Paradiso to get the hour glass to repair the bridge. However, it's possible to jump across. This is even more effective when combined with Crow Within.”

This skip works and is quite easy to time. Brilliant skip, want to see more of these!

Post Cave - Use amazing flicky skip #2 at the bridge.

Post Chapter - Make sure you have enough lollies and tetsu.

Chapter 4 - 5:11 ~ 3:39

Verse 1 – Fortitudo: Fire Durga or Odette will be no worries about lava. Use big glowing deadly attacks and kill him and remember to reflect fireballs with moon. Get a bite attack first and dodge for witch time. Do PPPPK then jump down. Try and land on him, do PPPPK twice and let him fly off. After tearing off a head, exit to title then continue. You'll be back at the bridge and he'll have less health. Repeat strat again. On final phase have him close and spam PPPPK and Tetsu/PKP if far away.

Chapter 5 - 12:04 - 6:58

This level is really freaking hard. Get the Durga claws asap.

Verse 1 – Skip~

Verse 2 – Kill Grace (red one). Pick up the dropped claws and kill the remaining Glory. Take the claws.

Verse 4 – Skip up until Fairness/Fearless. Wait for them to group and use a Charged K move with the claws.

Verse 5 – Avoid the floating heads. Aim for the pillar in the lower right. Dhoot, attack or dodge before if you need to slow down. Kill the Grace and Glory in the same way as earlier then kill the harmonies. The one on the right is the fire one. Don’t use Torture. For the harmonies DODGE FORWARDS DURING THE CUTSCENE OTHERWISE YOU GET HIT. JESUS COME ON MAN. Head to the right for the one that turns and try to kill with Tetsu -> PKP. Use that or jumping PPPKKK for the others. Pick up the fire claws.

Verse 6 – Kill the two Ardours using a charged fire claws.

Verse 7 – Skippable run and jump over the fire/magic rune thingies.

Verse 9 – Another G&G Fight. Save Fire Claws for next boss. You can activate the witch time statue right away and it will last long enough.

Verse 11 – Skip up to the LP using the fountain skip. Head to the broken fence and ABK up to the stone serpent. Stiletto the rest of the way. Don't try and skip this cutscene as you will dodge off the snake instead. Kill the Inspired with a charged K Claw attack. Head into the next shop and get durga then leave.

Verse 12 – Run and jump over the fence to skip.

Verse 14 – Don’t use panther for this first part as you’ll die as you miss a jump. Someone told me you shouldn’t jump off the third platform, but instead wait for a prompt. I’m not sure how this could be faster, but I will investigate. Kill Jeanne with sweepbombs.

Between chapters – Buy the new techniques: Bat and Crow.

Chapter 6 - 8:28 - 4:53

Verse 1 – Bomb Everything.

Verse 2 – Use Amazing flicky skip #1.

Verse 3 – Dodge spikes and use panther for maximum speed.

Verse 5 – G&G again. can't save claws for Beloved. You can catch the first two G&Gs with a sweep kick and bomb them to kill them.

Verse 6 – skip this bit.

Verse 7 - Run through the tunnel. Throw everything at him that you come across.

Verse 8 – Run straight to the beloved to despawn the fairness/fearless. - Psychochild. Beloved fight: Use bombs if you get witch time and PKP/Tetsu if not.

Verse 9 – Use a yellow lolly to get through without problems. Then sweep bomb the fights. Make sure she doesn't split.

Chapter 7 - 4:56 - 3:41

Verse 1 – Temperantia

Phase 1 – Use PPPPK Onyx Swap for main damage. Set down bombs to get a little extra damage in. Focus on one arm. When it seems like he'll start the infernal demon summon, head to the armoured arm side and hopefull he'll punch you with that. On the arm, PKP then Tetsu should kill it.

Phase 2 – Landing on the body Stiletto the bulbs then PK(bomb)P them for faster kill. On phase 2, PKP and Bomb when possible. When the head spins, dodge the laser for witch time once, then when that is done, run into the mouth to get the stick twirling event. This will knock the head down, leaving to have the crap kicked out of it.

Chapter 8 - 8:30 - 6:42

Verse 1 – Jump onto the tanker, kill the affinity there then cross across to the other side and torture it. Take the tuba and shoot the middle affinity then head to the end and shoot the others. This route should make the big affinity and ardor kill themselves.

Verse 2 – Kill the Joys. Standing on the side of the road means you won’t get hit by cars. Sometimes cars interrupt you, or knock Joys around so this is preference. Sometimes the cars are horrible. Stand on the lines and you should be ok. Use Panther Offsetting to get instant bomb sweeps.

Verse 3 & 4 – HOLD FORWARDS. TRY NOT TO GET HIT Tap two or three shoot buttons if you need to shoot anything. Don’t ever go on the left side of the road as if you hit a car, it is death time. At the forced offramp, jump late to clear the fence then dodge through the others.

Verse 5 – Kill 3 Braves. Rosary is very effective here. PKP, Tetsu and Bombs are good in that order.

Chapter 9 - 7:59 - 6:34

Before activating verse 1, run to the far right, break the wall and chest for Kilgore fragment 1. Use PPPPK to combo break.

Verse 1 – Kill the enemy with the key, pick it up and use it. Try and use ABK to get up the paths quickly and onto the globe.

Verse 3 – Kill the enemy with the, key pick it up and use it. Use ABK and Crow to skip to the platform.

Verse 4 – Run away. Use panther. Simply jump to not get hit by the light. Use the skip that breaks witch walk. You must be in witch time when you start to fall as the inspired will eat you.

Verse 5 – Start with the chest once clockwise from the one below the stairs. For Grace and Glory, simply dodge straight after you break their chest. This should give witch time and allow you to Bomb combo them and one hit KO. The fearless has a decent fight spot. Unsure if bombs are faster on these at the moment. You could try killing all enemies at once here. Use Panther ABKs and crow to skip using the key.

Verse 6 – KINSHIPS! KINSHIPS! KINSHIPS! You can use Dark Rosary as it kills all missiles for you. Jump on the moving ship first and enjoy killing the best bosses ever. PPPKKK with Durga bombs on feet will kill these very easily. Once you're on the ship, they don't usually hit you. If the second ship fires the group missiles at you, shoot them.

Verse 8 – Dodge tentacles and skip the joys. You fun hater you.

Verse 10 – Jump across the broken bridge, break the wall to get the Chest. Use PPPPK to combo break. There is a Gates of hell before here and after getting the LP, go get Kilgore and enjoy the rocket fest. On the platforms, wait on the first one for a bit before jumping across, on the second you should be able to panther jump then crow to land on it.

Use jumping PPPK(bomb) to kill easily. When the core is broken, you can try kilgoring or PPPKKK(bomb) to finish it off. You can fully charge the beam sword here and one shot the armour, leaving the core free to be smashed. Unsure if faster <-n472a

Chapter 10 - 6:43 - 4:41

Verse 1 - Kill 3 Joys. Kilgore combo will kill a joy.

Verse 2 - Break all the walls so that the furthest away is last then try and spin without the stupid angels hitting you. If you have magic, try and get a tuba.

Verse 4 - Kill the Harmonies. These are easy to kill with a single fire bomb, jumping and Air-PPPK Charge should kill them all in around a second.

Verse 5 - Fortitudo and Temperantia fight. If you have a tuba, use it on fort. If not, ABK above him then Kilgore -> Tetsu him. For Temperatia, just keep kilgoring.

Verse 6 - Enchants inside spinning building. You can break the door and skip this. If you jump off the building, you will respawn at the right place to avoid having to hit them. If not, you may as well attack them if they're bugging you.

Verse 7 - 3 Kinships. skip them =(

Verse 8 - Gracious and Glorious fight. Kill Dark one first and save the claws.

Verse 11 - Spin kill the first brave. Kill the rest and the Inspired enemies quickly. Kilgore the braves, Kilgore/PKP the Inspireds with a sword. If you die while the water cutscene is rising, the game will crash. Useless fact.

Chapter 11 - 5:12 - 4:36

Verse 1: Iustitia

Get a Tuba in Verse 1 with a torture.

Use the tuba then just try and kilgore combo him. There's nothing really to do here. PKP will kill the red thing that comes out of the mouth.

Chapter 12 - 4:53 - 3:12

Verse 1 - Run through room to skip enemies. <- sshplur reminded me of this.

Verse 2 - 2nd room, falling off the crates and jumping back up to the ramp. G&G fight here. Use instant kill move if possible. Get chainblades/bow weapon for Jeanne.

Verse 5 – Jump over the gap.. <-Sshplur reminded me again.

Verse 8 - Bomb phase 1, bow motorcycle, bomb again.

Verse 9 – Fight the affinities here. Possibly get a staff.

Verse 10 – Put the harm in Harmony. Run to the harmonies and bomb them before they split. If you get a staff it's a bit slower but much more consistant.

Chapter 13 - 5:14 - 4:29

Verse 1: Sapientia. Try and hide your boner from this awesome boss from nearby people.

Phase 1: The faces on the legs die best to (air) PPPK Bombs. Right side first.

Phase 2: Use PKP, tetsu and kilgores if you can. Hope for witch time. Skip cutscene as soon as the spider... screeches? Whatever it does.

Phase 3: You should be able to kill this in one round with PKP and Tetsuzanko. You even get to dodge the lasers for magic. It may be possible to kill it before being blown away.

shop: Buy lollies if you don't have any. 3 of each.

Chapter 14 - 11:15 - 8:48

Verse 1 & 2 – Rocket time. Save Magic for bosses and the Commando Beloveds. There is an accessory that helps you spam them. Use that. Eternal something. The enemies appear in the same pattern everytime, so just memorise it. You shouldn't ever need to dodge here. Should be able to do inspireds in one phase and Fort/Temp in two. Use red lollies against Fortitudo, and Temperance. Maybe for 3x inspireds. Use a yellow lolly for Temperance as well.

Verse 3 – Difficult Jeanne. Just try and bomb her unless you get witch time. At the final fight, head to the step thing and fight her there. She co-operates very nicely here.

post - pick up any more lollies.

Chapter 15 - 11:40 - 8:32

Setup Bomb Panther offset.

Verse 2 – Kill Decorations/Dears/Ardors. Best way for flaming ardours seems to be to Offset to bombs. Following chapter, setup Bomb Panther Offset

Verse 3 – Kill Braves. Can use first axe to kill more. F. C. Setup Bomb Panther Offset

Verse 5 - 2 Joys. F. C. Setup Bomb Panther Offset

Verse 6 – Enchants. Grace and Glory. F. C. Setup Bomb Panther Offset

Verse 7 - Affinities

Verse 8 – Temperantia fight on the guns. Use your best button mashing to kill him faster and perma-stumble him. Use red lolly and yellow lolly. At Falling Lifts, Setup Kilgore Panther Offset.

Verse 10 – Iustitia rematch. Do what you did before.

Verse 13 - Before this you will easily be able to panther across the floating times. Golem fight. Use the same method as before.

Verse 14 - Sapientia fight and QTE (run with panther form). Panthering to the left of his face and PKP makes the fight very simple. Use PK(bomb)P or Kilgores or anything. it's all good.

Chapter 16 - 3:13 - 2:21

Verse 1: Father Balder. Remember watching this cutscene? It took forever. What were they thinking?

Phases: Balder is always the same. The optimal way to do this is to Moon counter an attack then Kilgore him during witch time. That is 100% the fastest way to do it. Bombs kinda work as well but only use it if he doesn't want to attack. You can kill him with no cutscenes too!

Epilogue - 13:02 - 10:40

Verse 1-3 Motorcycle ride up the rocket. Holding forward makes you faster again. Verse 1 you should spam shoot the harmonies while going slightly to the side. For the Kinship, spam shoot and dodge the first shots, head to the side when he fires missiles then really mash to kill before laser. The remaining phases just pay attention and don't get hit.

Verse 6 - Jubileus

Phase 1

She can punch you first off so try and get this.

Head to the left of the two faces at the start for both fire and ice areas and just head through them. For lightning just head left and make sure you don't miss any faces.

Phase 2 - Here, just dodge the final punch for witch time and Kilgore them. You can also hit the fists briefly as they land.

You can jump over the Blue Vortices or get hit by one and dodge the next attacks as Cereza. I think just getting turned into Cereza is slightly faster. You’ll have enough time to break out of Cereza form and dodge the final punch. You can also time batwithin on the punches and get turned back into Bayonetta. Jubielius can give you a very easy and quick rotation in her final phase (no transforming, no black holes, minimal attacks) which gave me a very fast time.

Phase 3 - The yellow bar phase is rather straight forward. Dodge and bitchslap. Bitchslap with crazy rockets.

Planets - Dodging the first ones should be easy, top left is good for saturn and jupiter. When going through the asteroid belt, revert to the middle then pay attention the placement and dodge accordingly.

Verse 7 – Stiletto the statue a lot.

Verses 8–10 - These end after a certain amount of time but they do actually count towards final times but honestly? Don't worry if they're slow =P. Either way, there’s no real rush here, but try and make it entertaining.

Dance and enjoy winning.

Killing Enemies and little tips ~ Should be updated a lot.

Affinity A (Staff)/Affinity E (Poleaxe)/Applaud B (Staff)

  • Use regular combos or Angel arms. Remember a torture will guarantee a weapon drop. The front facing torture attack (the iron maiden) and the air torture attack (the pulley… hook, claw thing) are faster than the guillotine so always try and use these. This applies for all affinities and applauds.

Affinity B (Trumpet)

  • Keeping these alive give easy dodges for witch time or rosaries procs. Use regular combos or Angel arms.

Affinity C (Sousaphone)

  • The Tuba/Sousaphone is great at killing groups if you have it. This enemy is also great at killing its entire force with the attack. Usually faster to Torture it and use the Tuba yourself though. Like the Affinity B, You might like to keep this alive for dodging.

Affinity D (Mace)

  • Use regular combos or Angel arms.

Applaud A (Bow/Sword)

  • Kilgore these when possible. The Bow is great for taking out Beloveds, Applauds, Graces etc. Use it if you are fighting these before Kilgore.

Ardour A/B (Heavy Sword

  • Hit them from behind when possible. The Heavy Sword is very powerful against big slow enemies like Beloveds and Inspireds. They kinda bounce off of bombs. Seen a silly clip from n742a where punishes own these hard.


  • Easy to dodge and Kilgore. Jumping and attacking their backs makes them easier to hit. Bows are very effective here.


  • Just a smaller Beloved with less health. Bombs do a lot of damage here.


  • Won’t ever really kill you, but can be a pain to kill quickly as the whip will nearly always pull the decorations instead. They are often in avoidable verses though.


  • Very low health and easy to kill. AoE them. Shooting them seems easiest.


  • Whip works well to pull them to you and they’ll nearly always dodge wicked weaves. Grabbing then throwing instantly is decent.

Fearless (blue)/Fairness (red)

  • They can stop you in the middle of a combo with a swipe. This has the same timing every time so it’s easy to avoid. Fairness is the one with the roar and the fireballs. PPPKP -> (air) PPPKKK works well.


  • Bird and Centipede forms are annoying. You will always have Kilgore when fighting this. Fire Claws on hands and PPP with the final attack charge kills the enemy easily and quickly. Charged Sword or Laser Sword attacks can break the armour of golem easily, allowing for a very fast kill on the core. <- n472a

Grace (Fire)/Gracious

  • The easier one of the two; it’s slow and stupid and much easier to avoid. You can actually kill this guy with a sword using PP, dodge, PP, dodge until infinity. Grace dies quickly when you use Glory’s claws. The best strategy for a new game is to kill Grace first, then one hit kill Glory with the K move using the claws. Gracious is the darker one. PPPKKK with bombs works and PPPKP -> (air)PPPKKK works too.

Glory (Lightning)/Glorious

  • The annoying one – Killing Glory with Grace's claws and the K move is the way to do it. Glorious is the whiter one.


  • Using the whip grab followed by an air kick to knock them to the floor then follow with a combo and a charged fire bomb does damage. You can also use just the kick if no whip is the preferred route. The Torture attack takes a while and the chainsaw isn’t particularly great at killing other harmonies. Jumping PPPK (bomb) is very good.


  • Fireballs don’t always hit if reflected. Just shoot them until the fall and prepare a combo for when they land. Heavy weapons work here. You often have one for these bosses. If you don't have angel arms, then stand so that the inspired sets up for the body rotate attack and do Tetsus or PKPs with sword. This hits multiple times.


  • These are the hell cars. They’re only here because I like them.


  • Kilgore is a one shot. Taunting these will lower downtime between dodges if you need them. Kilgore will one shot them. The torture attack does a lot of damage to them but it has a long animation. Fight these like a Jeanne that can't parry or dodge. PPPKKK works well to keep them off their feet for example. Bombs work well, but sometimes they can dodge and negate the damage.


  • Dark Rosary owns the missiles for you. Kilgore owns the ship itself. Some attacks are annoying to dodge and they can be iffy to climb on but meleeing the glowing bit is the way to go. Bombs/Kilgore is good. I imagine bows are great here too but I’ve no idea if you every have one for a Kinship fight.


Reminders of the game order and verse numbers take from MJEmirzian’s FAQ at Pretty much everything else is by me: Lee 'Flicky' Reeves unless noted.

Contributions from: Vardinator, Psychochild, sshplur, n472a, mrcab

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