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Basically, I was just randomly building stuff, trying to glitch out the game (as usual), and I got one of my peasants stuck quite a distance under water. Although I didn't record it, I only have a screenshot.

Here are just the random notes I was writing so that I can try to build up and work out the more complex aspects of pathing - specifically, the occasional lack of collision that is observed with reasonable frequency when screwing around. I have quite a few videos of interesting occurrences that I will upload too.

Things I know:

When construction has not begun on a building, the building has no hitbox.

As soon as construction begins, the building has a hitbox

Construction does not begin if something is on the building when the citizen reaches it.

When the citizen reaches the building, it tries to place it. when the citizen tries to place it, if someone else is on the building, the someone else tries to move off the building, unless it already has an order. The citizen then periodically tries to place it again.

If the citizen itself is on the building, it tries to move off the building before trying to place it.

When someone tries to move off a building, it moves in a cardinal direction away from the centre. In the case of walls, this is dependant on the orientation of the walls.

When two things are in the same formation and are moving then they have no hitbox relative to each other.

To walk to a point, it takes the shortest route and has no turn circle. It will go to within a certain distance of the point.

If it can't go to the point, it will go to the closest point to the point that it can go to.

If the red "I am moving to this point" mark is gone, given another order it will move for approximately a frame even if it is already in the required distance of a point.

If you are in a magic spot near the centre of the person, it will move for approximately a frame every click.

Building placable terrain is voxel-like. Unit pathable terrain is the same as building placable terrain.

You can garrison from quite a distance.

Units have square hitboxes.

If a peasant cannot path to a location, it will attempt to path a few times, then give up.

Sometimes, when something really wants to do something for some reason, it seems to just ignore pathing. I don't really know.

Unrelated thing: In the AOM folder\startup\game.con is the commented out code that still seems to work: map ("mousez", "building", "uiWheelRotatePlacedUnit"). I just found that interesting.

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