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The goal of the game is to guide Gomez on a quest around the Addams Family house and save Morticia. To gain access to where she's kept, Gomez needs to collect items and save other family members. He also needs 1 million $ to get access to the final room. The following chart shows in which order it's possible to complete the game: Game solution.

As can be seen in the game solution linked above, only a few items are not strictly required to be collected in order to beat the game (there is also the bucket, not shown, that is used to gain access to a secret room with small value items and not relevant for a speedrun). The game is therefore unsuitable for an "all items"/100% or low% category. If any major sequence breaks were to be discovered in the future, additional categories based on items collected could be relevant though. Until then, the categories that make the most sense are:

Any% - with death abuse
Any% no death - clear the game in one life (EMPTY PAGE, PARKED)

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