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Any% is played on the very easy difficulty. Be sure to be familiar with everything outlined in the game mechanic and glitchespage, and the additional resourcespage. This route is written with RTA in mind, the plane purchasing differs slightly if you are going for in game time, as selling and buy aircraft does not count to the in game timer.

Mission 1 - Glacial Skies

F-5E tiger II QAAM Go straight, turn left toward bombers when you get to lead escort, destroy the right plane with missles, left with qaam, note that hitting select changes the target, opposite with the second group, hit the left with normals and right with qaam, head slightly right to the rightmost plane in the next group and destroy it from the front and path left destroying the other 3 from behind, only slow down to turn left. keep boost when turning back right, kill the first one with normals second qaam.

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