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Oddworld Abe's Oddysee has many glitches you can use. Below are route you shouldt take for a standard any% run.


Death Delay Glitch (DDG)

By timing your jumps, you can delay Abe's death near a mine, a UXB, bees and bats. When Abe sucessfuly does the glitch, he will become invisible.

Auto Turn Delay Glitch

Climb a ledge or face Elum and turn the opposite direction and then when you want to drop down press the opposite direction and the down arrow and you will be able to drop through the floor.

Stop Turn Jump Backwards (STJB)

By setting up the auto turn glitch below a ledge, you can set up the jump backwards glitch and you can use it to jump backwards behind walls. I use it to skip Zulag 3 and to skip pulling the lever to unlock Zulag 2 in Rescue Zulag 1. In Abe's Exoddus it is used more often.

Diagonal Fall

Abe can use the diagonal fall glitch to drop down diagonally and it moves him a bit further. This is done by combing the Stop Turn Jump Backwards glitch together.

On the PS1 version You can do the infinite pickup glitch and you can walk through walls with Elum. To walk through walls with Elum, you have to let go of the R1 button before he bumps into a wall.

Screen Boundary

In the PSX version you can jump behind the screen and become invisible to Sligs! The sligs will try to shoot you but unless you walk close enough you'll be dead in one shot.

Ghostly Elum

Have Elum stationary and then do an auto trun glitch. As a flying mine comes towards Elum press either up/down or right/down (the direction you were facing) and then Elum will become invisible.

Any% Route

First go through Rupture Farms. Set up the auto turn glitch to skip the long way round to turn off the electric gate. You can also set up the glitch to skip throwing the bombs at the end of the level.

Go through Stockyards Escape. You do not need rocks to kill the bombs. You can use the sleeping Slog to blow the up bombs. As you keep running and jumping up to the ledge, run left a little and then the Slog will start chasing you. As he comes towards you, jump and crouch and he will blow up into the bombs. Then carry on running and then set up the auto turn glitch to skip a section of Monsaic Lines!

In the Monsaic Lines you can now do the DDG with the bees to skip Paramonia and Scrabiana altogether! The trick is very straight forward. First, grab the bell chime. Then walk into the bee screen and walk back in. Then get attacked by the bees once an then make sure that Abe is facing left. Then, sneak three tiles and the let go of the sneak button and the DDG should work. Don't run off the ledge, climb it down normally and then do an auto turn delay so you can do a Stop 'n' turn glitch. After running past the Slingshot Mudokon, go into a roll into the next screen, and after three tiles, press left and if you have pressed left at the right frame, you should see Abe do a backwards jump and you'll be able to compete the rest of the level. Once you get to the screen with bombs, you need to jump past the first one, climb down and then run and slide into the next screen. Chant to open up the portal and then run eight tiles and then jump into the portal. You'll now be in Stockyards Return.

During Stockyards Return, you'll need to kill Abe after climbing up the ledge and going into the screen with a load of mines. Then finish the level by deactivating the bomb and doing an auto turn delay glitch.

The second rupture farms level involves performing four backward jumps. The first one is to skip the screen transition from Zulag 1 to Zulag 2, then one to get to Zulag 3 and the finally one to get to Zulag 4. The DDG is done here using the grenade and is simply done by throwing the grenade left and then press up, followed by jump and that's how you get a consistent DDG at RuptureFarms return.

When you arrive at the Boardroom, you'll need to kill Abe again by simply bumping into the wall. There are two ledge glitches here are they are pretty straight forward.

Estimated time for the new route: under 12 minutes.

100% Route

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