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There are many categories in this game, but here are the main ones:
Any%(WR:17:31.91 by BananasaurusRex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1g6I3VF1EuA) This category is basically new game, with Aban the main character.
Ninja Any% Or Ninja%(WR:13:04 by EIiitti http://www.twitch.tv/eiiitti/c/4602881) This category needs 30,000 coins in order to purchase the "Bos Shozoku" costume also known as the Ninja Aban character
Generally the run is more technical and trick-focused than the standard Aban runs
Aban Antartica Any% (No WR yet/Not posted on SDA forums yet) : The full game in NG, but includes the Antartica levels (Uses Aban the main character)
(Curly Antartica Any % but there is only one person running it (Virus610) as up now, NG+, Full game no skulls)

  • General Tricks
 Score screen skip :
 Going to the world map and going on the level you are (the next one, 
 the game immediately moves you to the next level on the map after completing a level

Here is an example of the spike's hitbox
 Spike quirk : 
 On both sides of the spikes there is a single pixel of space where you can stand without dying.
 Also if you are standing backwards your hitbox is slightly smaller giving you 2-3 pixels of space. 
 Check the "Risky route for 4-5 Ninja%" for an application for this. 

  • Ninja Mechanics
 You have augmented movement speed compared to Aban.
The ninja has a double jump with the low jump.
You have a wall jump. Jumping from a wall doesn't spend your double jump.
You can slide down walls by jumping into a wall. This can be avoided by holding down.
You can attack while moving
  • Ninja-specific Tricks
example of the 3-Block jump
3-block jump:
 Low jump, then at the apex of the jump do a walljump, then a double jump 
 when you regain control turn around and double jump.

 Momentum Boost :
 After a wall jump you momentarily gain a higher movement speed than when running. 
 Unless you slow your momentum by sliding a wall or stopping, you can keep up the increased movement speed.

 Ledge drop wall jump : 
 Wall jump as soon as you drop down from a ledge to get an instant Momentum boost to increase jump distance and movement speed.
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