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Changing Controls

Use "setup.exe" to change the controls, language, etc.


Platform Levels


The longer you hold jump the higher you will jump. Jumping / Falling is the same speed as running.

Paths in the background

There are several paths in the background, some do only contain coins but others are necessary to reach the end of the level. Press UP while standing in front of one in order to use it.

Instantly stop walking

In order to perform actions which require you to press UP you have to stand still. You can instantly do so by pressing DOWN shortly. This way you will crouch and thus loose all your speed.


You will hold on to objects that you can climb up by jumping at them and holding the direction key.

You can climb up by holding UP, you can climb on the top of a ledge by holding UP.

To get up the fastest way possible use jumps.
You can either jump up, let go of the direction key and repress the direction key at the top of your jump or jump away from the object and turn around in air in order to hold back on to it.
Near the top hold UP to climb up the rest of the object.

Vehicle Levels

Hold JUMP to drive faster (except for the plane level). Hitting obstacles will lower your remaining fuel / health, it does also seem to slow you down for a moment. Collect the glowing orange orbs to refill your fuel. Driving left and right continuously seems to be faster than just driving forwards.

Crossing the Desert: Press Z to honk
Hijackers: Press Z to do a roll to the left, Press C to do a roll to the right

Boss Levels

Press ATTACK while standing in front of a place from which you can go towards the boss in order to deal damage to him.

Bonus Levels

Press ATTACK rapidly to dig faster.
Press THROW BOTTLE to bark, this way you can scare away the rabbit in the first bonus level or shake off enemies such as the spiders in the third bonus level and the bats in the fifth one.

Enemies and Obstacles

When you get hit by enemies or touch obstacles there will be an animation of you getting hit by it and you can't move for a moment. However if you touch obstacles while in air or in a vehicle only your movement speed will be lowered and it will return to normal right after landing on the ground.

You can also jump over several enemies, especially birds or animals which are on the ground. You can't jump over most of the human enemies.
You can jump over most obstacles too.

After you were hit by an enemy or obstacle you will be invincible for a moment.


Some enemies and obstacles will make you loose 1/8 of your health, others will cost 1/4. Collect glowing orbs in order to refill your health by 1/4.

Chloroform Bottles

You can throw chloroform bottles at human enemies or at certain animals on the ground such as goats to temporary knock them out.


Orange coins are worth 1 coin, Yellow coins are worth 10 coins. There are 150 coins in each platform and vehicle level except for the tutorial level.

Continue after finishing a level

Normal Level

This applies to any normal level except for Level 1 and Level 6.

After a normal level you have to press ENTER twice to skip the coin count animation and to continue to the main menu. Then you have to wait a moment before hitting ENTER twice again to enter the next level and skip the conversation.

Alternatively you can spam ESCAPE at the end of the level to replay the level, open the pause menu and quit the level manually. If done right it can be faster than the above method.

Boss Level

When the Screen starts turning black press ESCAPE twice to skip the rest of the animation. Then spam ENTER 4 times to enter the next level (Continue, Skip Movie Clip, Enter Next Level, Skip Conversation).
This also applies to Level 1 and Level 6 as there will be a movie clip after these levels too.

Skip animations

You can skip several animations in the game by pausing and unpausing the game (press ESCAPE twice in the PC version). The animations you can skip this way are:

  • Level Beginning Animation (Platform Levels)
  • Going into a path in the background (Platform Levels)
  • Coming from a path in the background (Platform Levels)
  • Death Fade Out (Platform Levels)
  • Animation near end of boss levels (when screen starts turning black)

Skip Help Texts

You are forced to read help texts when touching Milou. You can instantly skip the text by holding ENTER before it pops up and until its gone.

Debug Mode

Debug Mode (Main Menu)
Debug Mode (Pause Menu) 1
Debug Mode (Pause Menu) 2

Only avaiable in PC version.
Copy the content of the game CD to a folder. Then edit the file GAME.INI.
Change "[MODULEID]" and "[DEBUG]" to 1. Then start the game, instead of the normal loading screens the debug menu should pop up instantly.

To quit the game in that state you have to use ALT + TAB to switch to another task, then close the game by right clicking on the symbol in the task bar.

Content of the Debug Mode (Main Menu):

ENTRAINEMENT = Tutorial Level
PLATEFORME = Select Platform Levels (including Tutorial Level)
RIDE = Select Vehicle Levels
BOSS = Select Boss Levels
BONUS = Select Bonus Levels (Including Finale)
LOAD GAME = Load a save game, you will be redirected to the debug mode main menu after loading.
RÉGLAGES DEBUG = Opens an "ENTER NAME" prompt, the name is the name of the save game if you loaded one or empty if you did not.

Content of the Debug Mode (Pause Menu):

Extra Entry "MODE TRICHE" which means something like "CHEAT MODE" in french.
Contents of that option are:

MAX WEAPONS = Infinite chloroform bottles (99 fixed)
TELEPORTATION = Activate Teleportation, use O and P and move to teleport to fixed points. This only works in platform levels.
INVINCIBLE = Invincibility, you do not receive damage, you can't fall into holes and have infinite fuel as well as infinite time (bonus levels). Your speed is also not effected by touching enemies.

Known Glitches

Müller defeat animation replay

When you have destroyed all of the boxes and thus reduced the boss health to 0 Müller will start fainting. When you can pick up another rocket, you can throw it at an already destroyed box. This will retrigger the animation of him fainting, even if he lied on the ground already.

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