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Screen Scroll

The ‘screen scroll’ trick is useful for getting over overworld obstacles, as well as for clipping through blocks in dungeons. That means you get to some stairs without killing all the enemies first! Here’s a graphic with some pointers from Red Candle.

Since the above chart was made, an alternate way of clipping through a block was discovered. First, you get onto the pixel as in the above picture, with the top of Link’s head lined up with the flat part of the block. Then, instead of doing a single-frame tap, slash the sword and press right or left. The sword slash, done correctly, will prevent you from moving. You will get the same effect as the single frame tap, so if you’re positioned right, you will turn around. After the sword slash, walk through the block. This trick only works with block clips, not overworld scrolls or ladder clips.


The enemy drops are not random. Whether they do drop an item is random, but when they do drop, here’s what they’ll be. The counter starts at 0, and goes up by 1 every time you kill (most) enemies. Chart via Baxter at TASVideos

However there’s also the consecutive kill counter. Kill 10 enemies without getting hit and you’ll get a forced, guaranteed 5 rupee drop from the next enemy that drops items (not in the X group). Kill the 10th enemy with a bomb instead, and instead of a 5 rupee you’ll get a forced, guaranteed bomb drop! Kill 16 enemies in a row and you get a fairy drop forced, but only if the 16th enemy is capable of dropping an item (not in the X group).

Note that if the 10th enemy does not drop items (in the X group), then killing that enemy with a bomb means the next drop that does happen will be a bomb. Killing that 10th enemy with the sword or any thing else will mean the next drop will be a rupee, even if you kill the next-dropping enemy with a bomb. It’s the actual 10th enemy kill that counts, not the succeeding enemy that drops items.

Note that splitting a Zol into two Gels, or splitting a Vire into two Keese, will not count as a kill or a consecutive kill. Killing one of those split Gels or Keese will not count as a kill for drops, but will count as a consecutive kill. Yes, there are some circumstances that are an exception to this. If the Zol/Vire is trapped against a barrier, it can sometimes trigger an extra 'kill' that way. A kill sound in place of a split sound is a hint to when this might happen.

Advanced strategies: If you avoid a fairy at the 16th kill, by killing 16 on a non-dropping enemy, then the next forced drop is at 20, either a bomb or a blue rupee. Every 10 after that will give another bomb or blue. If you do get the fairy, then every 10 after the fairy will be a forced bomb or blue rupee. So it goes like this: 10, (fairy at 16), 26, 36, 46… or 10, (skip fairy at 16), 20, 30, 40… depending on the fairy.

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