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This template inserts the "wikitable" class and provides common modifiers for the table.


These parameters are all optional. Only use a parameter to apply a modification (don't use a blank parameter such as float=|).

  • float = left or right. Floats the table to the left or right side of the page.
  • center = yes. Centers text in all cells in the table. To suppress this style in some cells, use style="text-align: left;" in the appropriate cells.
  • collapse = yes. Collapses the table to it's smallest natural width. The default is 100% width across the screen (better for multiple resolutions).
  • sortable = yes. Makes the table sortable. This requires a single header row and no merged cells (i.e. no colspan or rowspan). To suppress sorting for a column, use class="unsortable" in that column's header cell.
  • style = [styles]. Use this parameter to add extra styles to the table.
  • class = [classes]. Use this parameter to add extra classes to the table.
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