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This template creates a collapsible element which can be expanded. Use this template to make topic-specific templates if additional styling will be used in them that won't necessarily be used in other pages on the wiki. For instance, if you want a colored border around the whole thing and different colored backgrounds for the visible text and hidden content for Super Mario Galaxy, make a template at "Template:SMG template name" using this template with the appropriate styles instead of just calling this template directly with all the style parameters every time.


The two required parameters are for the visible and hidden contents. These are unnamed parameters, with the visible text coming first, then the hidden content.

{{collapse|Visible text|Hidden content}}

There are four optional named parameters which can be used to add styles to the template and modify how it is displayed.

  • framestyle: Defines the style of the outer container.
  • headstyle: Defines the style of the element containing the visible text.
  • contentstyle: Defines the style of the element containing the hidden content.
  • expand: Put yes in this parameter to start with the hidden text visible. The default is for the hidden text to be hidden.

These parameters should go after the mandatory parameters and be named:

{{collapse|Visible text|Hidden content
|framestyle=border:1px solid lightgray
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