Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

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General Techniques

- Strafe jumping. The main way of moving fast in the game. It involves jumping continuously, moving your mouse in a certain way and using the strafe buttons (and the forward button) to move as fast as possible. Best learnt rather than described.

- Rolling. This technique reduces your health loss when falling high distances where you normally take fall damage. Upon landing, do the 'jedi roll' on the floor. In some cases, this spares you from losing any hp at all, and in other cases, this reduces the amount of hp you lose. The roll is done by pressing crouch and pressing the forward button simultaneously. However, this doesn't always trigger the roll; sometimes it seems as if you need some speed while doing this. Also note that the roll can only be done in third-person mode. Before you get the lightsaber, third-person mode is normally activated by pressing P (default key).

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