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Current Fastest Time

30:53 by mike89

Unless otherwise stated, you should start each stage with a 6 tap spindash.

Angel Island 1

Angel Island 2

Hydrocity 1

Hydrocity 2

Marble Garden

Go to the very bottom path and proceed as normal until you reach the sign. You'll want to perform a screen wrap here in order to despawn the collision for two mud pits. As soon as you land from your jump, quickly perform a 6-tap to the right. If done correctly, you will fall down to where the speed shoes are

Boss: As soon as you see Robotnik, perform 9 consecutive 1-taps to the left. It's important that you do this as if you get hit by the drill, the screen shifts down and you wont be able to finish the level. Hold down your 9th spindash untill you see Robotnik fly to the left. Quickly zip to the left and perform a spindash.

TODO: Add more, and have better wording because my english is terribawful.

Carnival Night 1

Carnival Night 2

Ice Cap

Launch Base 1

Launch Base 2

Mushroom Hill 1

Mushroom Hill 2

Flying Battery 1

Flying Battery 2

Sandopolis 1

Sandopolis 2

Lava Reef 1

Lava Reef 2

Hidden Palace

Sky Sanctuary

Death Egg 1

Death Egg 2

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