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  • Glitchless
  • Glitched


Glasses Glitch

The glasses are the only known item that can be taken multiple times from the inventory. Depending on what's been triggered in the game (based on taken items and events), you can reach an area of memory that can trigger certain events or allow you to reach items from different rooms.



The riddle you'll receive from the sphinx is chosen from six items based on the frame you speak to the sphinx. This makes it incredibly difficult to reliably get a specific riddle; however, the current question remains the same until you speak to the sphinx while his question is marked as answered. You can answer the current question correctly multiple times. The default value is the broom. This means you can enter the Sphinx's room, present the broom, and pass the sphinx without triggering the question.


If you present the wrong item to the sphinx he will teleport you to a different location. The location is based on the current correct answer:

  • Broom = Troll Bridge
  • Mirror = Sarcophagus Room
  • Horseshoe = <ENTER ROOM>
  • Map = <ENTER ROOM>
  • Skull = <ENTER ROOM>
  • <Something...> = <ENTER ROOM>
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