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You can skip many tasks by glitching through the object that is blocking your way. There are multiple methods to achieve this.


Method 1

  1. Go in front of the object until you can't continue walking. If you start running towards the object from a certain distance, you will already walk into the object a bit. This distance is different for every obstacle.
  2. Press the key to the opposite direction briefly. You should only turn around but not walk in the direction.
  3. Now turn around again normally. You will walk into the object a bit.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until you can pass the object.

Method 2

This is the same like Method 1 but at Step 3 you do this instead:

  • Turn around again and press the direction key repeatedly as fast as possible. If you are lucky you can make two or more steps into the object.

Method 3

This is nearly the same like Method 2, but here you press the direction key repeatedly before turning around completely. You should wait for about half the animation before heading back to the obstacle.

Method 4

You can combine this method with any of the other methods. After step 1 do a high jump and start the helicopter. Fly towards the object. You should be able to jump over a invisible barrier and into the object.

Skippable Objects

Level Select

  • Greenhouse Door (Method 2)
  • Furnace Door (Method 2)

Level 1

  • Monkey (Method 1 or Method 2)
  • Guy who wants chicken (Method 2)

Level 3

  • Dog (Method 4 combined with Method 1)

Level 4

  • Dynamite (Method 4 combined with Method 2)
  • Door which requires diamond (Method 2)

Level 6

  • Stone Block next to the beginning (Method 3)
  • Burning Fire (any method)
  • Gate near Key (Method 4 combined with Method 2)

Level 8

  • Gate with skeleton (Method 2 or Method 1)

Level 11

  • Jack's Club door (Method 2)
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