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Every method and trick was tested on the PC version of this game. However since the PC version is a port of the PS1 version, every trick should be working on the PS1 version as well.

This guide refers to the PC controls, the equivalent keys on the PlayStation Controller are:

  • "STOPWATCH" = L2
  • "HEALTH" = R2
  • "UNCLE" = L1
  • "DETONATOR" = R1
  • "HIDE" = Triangle
  • "PICK UP" = O
  • "JUMP" = X
  • "ATTACK" = Square


Character Movement

Pursuit Levels / Boss Levels / Level Select

Fastest Movement Methods

The fastest ways to move are (all are equally fast):

  1. Running: Hold a direction key and walk straight forward.
  2. Jumping/Falling
  3. Helicopter

Sometimes jumping causes your speed to drop, maybe the slope of the ground has something to do with it.
Going up and down things can cause your speed to fluctuate to a slightly slower value for a very short moment.

Slower movement methods are:

  1. Crouched Walking
  2. Grabbing and holding a direction key
  3. Attacking and holding a direction key

If you have to go down somewhere the fastest way to do so is:

  1. Jump at the ceiling when one is near above you.
  2. Jump to the ledge of where you have to go down when you are close to it. This way you accelerate downwards earlier and have a greater velocity when falling down.

If you have to go up somewhere the fastest way to do so is:

  • Jump only on platforms that you have to jump on.
  • Jump as early as possible onto the next platform.
  • If the platform is diagonal jump at it as soon as you can reach the highest point which you can reach by jumping.
  • When something is blocking you from jumping, jump as soon as you are past that (for example ceilings).


  • The longer you hold "JUMP", the higher you jump. There is a maximum jump height though.
  • If you start the helicopter at the top of your jump, you will reach a little extra height.
  • If you press "JUMP" very briefly you can avoid going onto platforms that are near above you.
  • When you only tap JUMP at the end of your jump your hitbox will be slightly higher than when using the helicopter. This lets you do some damage boosts that would be impossible otherwise.
  • You can jump through most platforms from below and land on top of them.


When you press "JUMP" while in air, you will start the helicopter. When you release "JUMP" you will continue falling down normally.

This will always work when you do it after jumping. It is possible to activate the helicopter after falling of a ledge when you didn't use the helicopter in your most recent jump.

Jump Cancelling

There is a minimum jump height that is pretty high. You can lower it by jumping for 1 frame then wait 1 frame then do a helicopter tail spin, you will cancel out the jump making it lower. This does only save some frames.


You can pick up items when you are near them by pressing "PICK UP". You can discard them by pressing "PICK UP" again while holding an item.

Hitting an enemy or his bullet while picking up something cancels the pick up.

Switch Items

You can pick up an item and discard another item at the same time. To do so just go to the new items position and discard your current item.

Grab while jumping

When you are near a stalker with an item in his hand you can grab even while jumping. It is possible to take the item back in air.

Grab while falling

Press "PICK UP" and run off a ledge or into an enemy to grab while falling down.


You can use the attack to kill enemies. When you use it on an enemy he will be pushed away a bit.
You can abort an remaining attack by jumping.
The attack will also be aborted when you fall of a ledge while spinning.

Instant action after landing

Normally you have to wait a moment before you can do anything landing on a platform, but if you move only a little bit (turn around or make one step) you can instantly use any of the actions (jumping, picking up items, discarding items, attacking). This is especially useful for picking up or discarding items and for jumping.

Trampoline Like Objects

There are several objects that you will bounce off when you jump onto them such as mattresses in Level 3 or literal prehistoric trampolines in Level 6. Even some obstacles that hurt you act like trampolines, for example the spikes near the bomb in Level 3.

When you use a trampoline, you will go up faster than with a jump, moving to the left and right is not effected though.

If you press "ATTACK" just before landing on the trampoline, you will reach significant more height.

Wall Bounce

When you run towards a wall and turn back as soon as touching it, you will gain a temporary speed boost.


When there are stairs and an even path at the same time you have to jump onto the staircase to use it.
If you want to use the even path you can do so by just running towards the stairs.
When you want to use the even path after going down the stairs you can do so as soon as you left the stairs and are on the ground again.

Higher Jumps from Stairs

When you walk up a staircase you will be lifted up a bit each step. At the end of the stairs you will be above the ground and fall down. However when you press "JUMP" right before falling down you are able to perform higher jumps than from the ground.

A few examples where you can see the effect are:

1. Level 1: Jump from the second staircase after the bananas to the platform above you.

PP Game Mechanics Jump From Stairs L1.gif

2. Level 8: Jump from the staircase near the pillow to the wooden platform above you.

PP Game Mechanics Jump From Stairs L8.gif

3. Level 11: Jump from the staircase above Jack's Clubs entrance to the hidden window.

Slippery Ground

At some places the ground is slippery. When you turn around on ground like this you will slide into the direction you walked before and walk on the same position for a moment before actually running into the desired direction.

You can avoid this effect by jumping onto slippery ground and holding the desired direction key in air.

Skate Levels

There are two things that manipulate your speed in this kind of levels. Both apply only to staying on the ground and not to jumping:

  • Skating uphill: decreases your speed gradually
  • Skating downhill: increases your speed gradually

Fastest Movement Methods

  1. Crouched Skating : Crouching while skating gives you a permanent speed boost. It is the fastest method for skating on even or downhill paths.
  2. Jumping : Jumping is the fastest method for skating uphill. You loose your previous speed instantly when jumping.
  3. Normal Skating : This method is thought for casual players to be able to complete the levels easier. Therefore it's much slower than the other methods.

When going downhill jump as late as possible to skate as long as possible with the highest possible speed.
Jumping at the beginning of a skate level is a few frames slower than falling onto the ground.


The longer you hold jump the higher you jump applies to skate levels too.
When you start holding JUMP in air, you will jump as soon as you touch the ground again.


Tripping means that you fall off a ledge instead of skating it down fluently.

You can manipulate it with the last jump before skating over ledges. It is not entirely clear what causes it, these are possible reasons:

  • Distance to the next or last ledge when landing
  • Duration of your jump
  • Length of your jump
  • Whether you hit enemies / obstacles
  • Your speed when touching the ledge

Landing on Air

There are several parts where you can land on air. This only happens when you are too close to the left edge of a rail.

Examples for this are:

  • Level 2: Rails after 2nd tunnel
  • Level 7: Final frozen electric cables (going downwards just before the giant snowball)

Enemies and obstacles

Pursuit Levels / Boss Levels / Level Select

Enemies have either two or three hit points. They can be killed by jumping on their head and by attacking them with "ATTACK" or bombs.
Only the enemies in Level 11 can't be killed by bombs. The enemies in Level 12 will react the same way like when you attack them the third time, any other enemy will vanish.
Obstacles can't be destroyed.

Enemies will walk a fixed path either back and forth or up and down. They will turn around when you hit them.

When you touch enemies or obstacles that are above the ground you will lose one heart. When you touch enemies projectiles or obstacles on the ground you will lose half a heart. When you receive damage by enemies you are invulnerable for a few seconds.

Damage Boosts

When you touch an enemy or obstacle you will be elevated above it before being able to continue running forwards.
This can be used for damage boosting to platforms that are too high to be reached by jumps.
You can do a damage boost by jumping at an enemy above you and touching him. Then you will be elevated to his platform.

Skate Levels

Enemies are walking or running towards you. Obstacles are on a fixed position.

If you hit an enemy or obstacle you will be pushed into the air and it takes about one second before you continue moving forwards. If you hit an obstacle you will be pushed backwards and lose an additional second.


Stalkers are the owners of several objects throughout the game. When you steal their object they will follow you and try to get their object back.
They run as fast as Pink, when you are too far away from them they will teleport to fixed locations that are ahead of you.


There are several ways to die in this game:

  1. Fall into a pit (Skate Levels)
  2. Lose all hearts
  3. Get eaten by a boss (Level 5 or Level 9)

When you die you can hold a direction key. Pink will move in that direction without walking, but it's only the image that is moved, your position is not really changed.

Windows and doors

You dont have to stand on the ground to use windows or doors. You can use a window/door from shortly before the thought bubble appears to until it disappears.
When you press "HIDE" too fast in a row you will only use the window once. This is because you trigger the same window twice instead of triggering the outside and inside window.
Some doors and windows can be used at certain spots in air where you can't use them while on the ground.

Damage after using window or door

You can get hit after triggering a window or door. The repelling can happen on the other side of the door in that case.
If you die the screen will start turning black but then switch back to the screen where you used the door.

Hidden Windows/Doors

There are some hidden windows in the PC version. The background does not look like there is a window but you can see the thought bubble starting to pop up and immediately disappear again.

Those windows or doors always are:

  • The exact copy of another window/door in the level
  • Near the copied window/door
  • Only usable one-way

Level 4

There are two hidden doors in this level. They both are inside the pyramid with the key and act as the exit door of the pyramid.

  1. In the air near the sarcophagus of the mummy. This window can only be used by jumping at it from the platform below.
  2. Above the stairs near the ledge. This one can only be used when jumping or falling from the platform where the mummy is onto the stairs. You should be close to the edge of that platform and then while in air, you have the chance to use the door for a very short moment.

Level 11

There are many hidden windows in the area above the Jack's Bar entrance. There are two places where there are several windows.

1. In the area around the window left from the pipe

  1. Near the left bottom border: copy of the window next to the bomb.
  2. Near the left top edge: copy of a window above.
  3. Near the left high edge: copy of the window next to the key.

2. In the area around the window right from the pipe and under the barricaded window to the key room

  1. Top left edge: copy of the barricaded window to the key room.
  2. Near Bottom Middle edge: copy of the window next to the key.


Manually detonate bombs

You can manually let bombs explode instead of waiting until the timer reaches zero. Go to your keyboard configuration to find out which key can be used to that. You should be far away enough from the bomb when hitting the key to not be effected by the explosion.

Evading explosions

When you jump the radius in which you die by a bomb explosion is greatly reduced. If there is enough margin between an object and a bomb you can go right in front of the object and jump to not get caught in the explosion. While in air detonate the bomb. This way you can avoid having to run away to detonate the bomb, however there's still a high possibility to die by the explosion.

Too close to explosion effects


Obviously, when you stand too close to a exploding bomb you will be caught in the explosion and die (no matter how much health left). You will then be teleported to the last area where you triggered a cutscene.
It can happen sometimes that the object is also effected and clouds of smoke appear but the object is still visible. The object is removed when you go back to it afterwards.

Explosion has no effect

It can happen that the object you want to bomb away will not be removed when you are too close to the explosion.

PP Game Mechanics Bomb No Effect.gif

Thought Bubble Glitch State

There are several ways to change into a glitch state with the following effects:

  1. You can only move in the opposite direction of the position you looked at when triggering the glitch.
  2. There is a permanent thought bubble. The bubble will only disappear while you are in front of a information sign.
  3. You are moving very slow, comparable to pressing down, walk and grab at the same time.

Getting close to another obstacle seems to stop the state.

You can still get hit by enemies but you won't be pushed away by bullets.
You can also use hideouts and windows when the "HIDE" button is shown in the thought bubble.

The ways to trigger this glitch are:

Being too close to bomb explosion

When you are between the bomb and the object you want to bomb away and then let the bomb explode, it can happen that you change into the glitch state after the explosion. The thought bubble shows "HIDE", pressing or holding it has no effect though.

It is probably caused by touching the obstacle right before it is removed. Usually the thought bubble would show a bomb and would disappear when you get away from the obstacle. With the right timing though you will probably trigger only the thought bubble but not the requirement. The games default requirement may be the "HIDE" key, that's why this is shown instead.

You can get into the glitch state in the following locations:

  • Level 1: Box 1
  • Level 1: Box 2
  • Level 3: Wodden Plankets
  • Level 4: Stone 1
  • Level 4: Stone 2
  • Level 6: Stone 1
  • Level 6: Stone 2

Touching obstacle and using a window or door

When you touch an obstacle and immediately use a window or door you trigger the glitch state too. The thought bubble will show the required item for that obstacle.

This glitch is possible in these locations:

Level 11 - Aquarium room

Use the window, run towards the aquarium and instantly press "HIDE". If done right the glitch state will be triggered.

Level 11 - Jack's Club Door

Glitch through the Closed door barrier, then enter the door. When you touch the barrier while doing so you will end up in the glitch state.

Getting the required item doesn't have any effect.

Getting back to normal state

You can get back to the normal state from the glitch state by two ways:

  • Use a window or door
  • Level 4 Stone 1 only: Run towards the exit door and you will automatically break free while running

Help Signs

Help signs will only be triggered when you stand on the ground in front of them.

You can skip most help signs by jumping over them. Some of them can also be skipped by crouch walking under them. It is not possible to skip them if the ceiling is too low. The sign before "The Greenhouse" for example is unskippable.

You can reread them by pressing the "UNCLE" key in front of them.

Skip Obstacle Glitch

Video Sequences

Video sequences are all constructed like this:

  1. Black Bars at the bottom and the top of the screen appear
  2. You loose control, the item in your hand is consumed and something happens
  3. Black Bars start disappearing and you regain control

They will start when you bring an item to an obstacle that isn't bombed away.

Monkey Cutscene Glitch

To be able to walk during the monkey cutscene you have to trigger the information sign right in front of the monkey and the monkey cutscene at the same time.
Try to jump as soon as you are under the awning. Hold right while doing the jump.
You can also crouch under the information sign and then jump while holding right.
You can even do the glitch when the sign was activated before. Just go right step by step and spam the "UNCLE" key. Once you are close enough to the monkey you will trigger the glitch.

Wait until the sequence bars on top and at the bottom start disappearing before exiting the tunnel behind the monkey. Otherwise you might trigger the video sequence glitch which causes the sequence to replay and consume your current item.

Aquarium Cutscene Glitch

In Level 11 you can move during the cutscene as soon as the safe is shown. This way you can leave the room before the cutscene is finished. When you then reenter the room the cutscene will be played again, you can abort it by quickly leaving the room again.

Use Pause Menu while moving during cutscene

You can pause the game and use options from pause menu by holding DOWN/UP and pressing JUMP.

Game Crash

The video sequence do have borders on the left and right side. When you exit the area where they are played before the sequence is completely finished and later reenter the area, the video sequence will start again. If you don't quickly leave that area when this happens, the item that is currently in your hand will disappear and be used for that sequence. The game will crash if you have no item in your hand or if you exit the level after the video sequence played two or more times.

There are two occurrences of this glitch:

  • Level 1: Using the monkey cutscene glitch to walk during the cutscene.
  • Level 11: Going to the window in the room with the aquarium while the cutscene is played and using it before the black bars disappear

Boss Levels


Level 5 (The Greenhouse)

The plant can do three movements:

  1. Move its head one step to the right
  2. Turn its head around 180°
  3. Search the area it's looking at

When you are behind bushes, the plant can't see you. When you are between the bushes the plant is able to see you which is indicated by a pink question mark over its head. When it sees you for more than one second it will eat you.

It has 3 roots which must be destroyed with bombs in order to defeat the boss.

It has a limited field of view, it can see less than 180° of the arena probably. Therefore it is sometimes possible to run over the big gap between the 1st and 2nd root while the plant is looking at the direction right to its 2nd root without it spotting you.

It also is possible that the plant is not seeing you at all despite you being visible. This happens when you leave your hideout just when it finished its current action. This needs very precise timing though.

Level 9 (The Dinosaur)

The boss will let stones roll down the platforms in a fixed interval.

To defeat him you have to place a bomb and a bone on the platform in front of his face.
As soon as there is a bone on the platform he will eat it and everything that is on it at the moment (you included). However when he just put another stone onto the platforms, he will be distracted by it for a moment. If you destroy the stone he will instantly eat the bone and bomb.

You can destroy the stones without getting damage by attacking them from the side.

Level 12 (The Attic)

This boss can only be damaged by making him run into explosions of bombs.

When you touch the boss you will loose one heart. When you use the attack on him you will be pushed away from him a bit and won't be damaged.

There are two platforms at the top of the arena. The boss will change the platforms frequently when you don't damage him. He will mostly be on the right platform when starting the level.

When you are on one of the highest side platforms while the boss is on the same side he will start shooting at you.

When you jump onto the platform that he stands on he will immediately turn around, shoot once and run to the other platform.

When he is whistling for new enemies he does not recognize you for a moment and can not be damaged by bombs.

It is possible to bump off the boss and not taking damage, there is a small spot on his front and back where this can happen.

You can jump at the boss to damage boost up to the platforms.

If an enemy is blocking the way to the bomb you have to push him away with your attack.

There are three phases in this boss fight. Each one lasts until you hit the boss two times.

  1. The boss is the only enemy in the level.
  2. The boss calls for two normal enemies which are the same like the ones in Level 11. Those will spawn from two fixed spawn locations.
  3. The boss calls again for enemies.

There is always a total of two normal enemies in the arena after phase 1. When you kill enemies the boss will whistle for new enemies after a moment and new ones will spawn.


Skip boss sequences

When you watched either the cutscene of the second or third boss once, both of the cutscenes will be autoskipped as long as the game is opened. This even works when starting a new game or loading a saved game. This saves about 11 seconds because you don't have to watch the dinosaur cutscene.

Quit Level after collecting heart and key

When you defeat the first or second boss, a heart and a key will spawn in the arena. If you now collect the key and after that the heart, you can open the pause menu by spamming "PAUSE". When you successfully did so, you can use "QUIT" or "EXIT" to trigger a glitch. The "New Record" screen will appear before either of the actions will be completed, your record will be 0:00,00. After exiting the level, the level will be painted pink in the level map but the mat in front of the level doesn't appear. You also don't get the key for this level.

You can conclude from this glitch that using "QUIT" resets the timer to 0:00,00. It also changes your state to "quit", which makes it impossible for you to get the key. The level map will only paint the level pink when you reached the "New Record" screen. The mat only appears when you get the key.

Die after quitting level

This glitch is only possible in the level "The Dinosaur" by placing a bone in front of the dinosaurs face and quitting the level.

When you die after using "QUIT", you will respawn before the loading screen appears. Then in the level select you will get a key. The mat with the star in front of the level door appears too, however the level will not be painted pink in the level map in the right bottom corner. You will loose the key if you save the game and reload it, the mat will stay in front of the level though. When you choose "EXIT" instead of "QUIT" the game will crash.

The glitch can be explained like this: Using "QUIT" resets your time to 0:00,00 and your state to "quit". Dying makes you respawn and this changes your state back to "in level". In the level select the game only checks whether you left the level by using "quit". Since the state was overwritten it thinks that you completed the level and gives you the key. The level record will probably only be delivered during the loading between the "New Record" screen and the level select. The window next to "The Dinosaur" doesn't open because it requires you to complete 9 levels and not to collect 10 keys. This theory is proven by the window opening after beating Level 10.

Collect heart while in air

You will trigger the heart animation as soon as you touch the ground after touching the heart. If you use the helicopter to fly away from the heart after touching it there will be small graphical errors from that because the animation is supposed to be played from a specific viewing angle.

Skip "New Record" screen

After finishing the level press "PAUSE" to skip the "New Record" animation. Then press "Jump" to continue.

The fastest way is to spam both keys at the same time as soon as the screen turns dark after finishing a level.

Abort Save Dialog

When you finish a level and are brought back to the level select, you are asked whether you want to save the game or not. Choose "NO" ("HIDE") to continue immediately.

Level Select


When you finish a level for the first time you will get a key. When you finish it again you won't get another key.

To start a level you have to have a specific amount of keys, that's why you have to play all levels to complete the game.

When you load the game, the number of keys will be calculated by counting the levels you have completed.

Level Select Effects

The level select is not effected by the amount of keys. Instead it reacts to your amount of completed levels.

When you complete 1 level, the basement door opens.
When you complete 5 levels, the door of the greenhouse opens.
When you complete 9 levels, the furnace in the basement and the window in the second floor opens.

Select a Level while in air

You can select levels while in air. If you jump in front of a door and then quickly select the level you will be still going up a bit and fall down while the level select animation is shown.

Cheat Menu

There is a cheat menu where you can activate several cheats. Enter the Code in the Main Menu Screen. When entered correctly a new menu item called "CHEAT" will appear. When you reenter the Code, the item will disappear and the cheats will be deactivated.

PC Cheat Code

Up, Hide, Left, Attack, Right, Grab, Down, Hide

PS1 Cheat Code

L1, L1, R2, R2, L2, L2, R1, R1, Left, Right, Select, Start

Menu Cursor Glitch

When you place the cursor on the CHEAT entry and then reenter the Code, the item will disappear alongside the cursor. The cursor is still placed on CHEAT now and you can still access the Cheat menu. Every cheat except for "ALL KEYS" works when you activate it here.

Cheat effects

ALL KEYS: Your amount of keys is set to 12 when you enter the level select. All doors and windows will be opened too.

Side effects: There will be an additional entry in the pause menu: "WIN". Using that option takes you to the new record screen instantly with the time you took until using the option as your record.

Level records

When you beat the current level record, the record will be replaced by your time and you win 200 coins.


The timer pauses when:

  • The music changes (game freezes including the timer; PC Version only)
  • Reading "?" signs

The timer stops when:

  • A boss is defeated
  • The key is collected (skate levels)
  • The exit door animation is triggered (pursuit levels)

The timer will autohide after a few seconds, when you trigger it to show manually it will stay visible until you finish the level (even if you die) or until you manually hide it again.

Timer Limit

The timer stops after 59:59,99 minutes.

PP Timer Limit.jpg

Same Record

When you get the exact same time record like the current record in a level, you still win 200 coins.

PP Same record.png


You will get collected coins only when you finish the level.

Coins can only be used to unlock pictures in the portrait gallery.

The maximum number of coins you can have is 9999.

Save States

The game lets you save your progress after each level. You can only have on save file at a time. The following things will be saved in a save state:

  • Amount of coins
  • Which help signs were activated
  • Which levels you completed
  • Level records
  • Unlocked portraits


Each level requires a specific amount of keys to play it.
You get 1 key per finished level. You can replay every level as often as you want, but you will not get more keys by completing it multiple times.

When you play a level for the first time it says "PLAY" in the bottom left corner, when you play it again it says "REPLAY".
When you finish a level for the first time, you will see an animation of Pink Panther holding the key in his hand and then collecting it. After that one key will be added to your total amount of keys.
This animation will not be shown when replaying the level. The key inside the level will be transparent gold instead of solid looking gold in this case.

The levels are exactly the same when you replay them, the sole difference is that the help signs that you read before will not force you to read their text when you stand in front of them. Every item will be at its place, all obstacles will be there again as well as all the coins, enemies and stalkers.

Pausing the game

When you pause the game most things will be paused, such as bomb timers, enemies and stalkers. However some things are not paused which leads to some nice tricks:

  • Bomb respawn timers
  • Dinosaur eat timer

Quitting a level

When you use "QUIT LEVEL" several things are reset:

  • Amount of coins you collected in this level is removed from your total amount of coins
  • Timers (e.g. Plant See Timer, Bomb Timers)
  • Health (all hearts restored)

Additionally you cannot detonate bombs manually and you are invincible. You can't even die by falling into pits when quitting a level.

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