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Category description

With the current knowledge level, the flying glitch (see Game Mechanics) is only useful in level 1. The route described in this section is a demonstration of how to get through the relevant parts without the use of this glitch.

Level by level description

Level 1

Helicopter to tank2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ-ktPU7KgM
In the helicopter, you're invincible in this section since there are no self-exploding guys or mines. The thing to look out for is at the very end. It's important to at least take out the left machine gunner or he might (but not always) hit you with a bullet when leaving the helicopter. If there are too many random spawns near the end, one or both of the gunners won't spawn because of the sprite limit (=8 enemy soldiers). It's therefore a good idea to kill off some enemies as you approach.

Tank2 to foot2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lbvzcd3aj2k
With the right positioning, this section can be cleared without ever tilting to the right. However, starting too far to the left and the tank on the right side will come out of range. Starting too far to the right and you will have the opposite problem. Overall an easy section though.

Foot2 to the end - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=phhozfcZ_NM
This section contains several spots where survival depends on luck. The odds of each individual section are clearly in your favor, but together the risks add up.
- You can always run past the first arrow shooter. The second one is sometimes possible to run through, but more often it will shoot an arrow when you pass that is not possible to dodge. The third usually either shoots an arrow as you approach so you have to stop for a split second or will fire with a long delay. If no arrow comes as you approach, it's worth just sprinting through. The fourth usually shoots once you have passed by. Sometimes an arrow that can be dodged by running diagonally left and rarely (~10%) an undodgeable arrow. You will lose several seconds by playing this section completely safe, but you will otherwise lose roughly 10% of the runs from the 4th arrow shooter. Risk and reward...
- The method of sneaking in between the bullets before the first bridge is relatively safe, but you sometimes get a different bullet pattern, so it's not 100% safe. It only saves 20 frames or so compared to taking a small detour to the left.
- The area between the gate and the first water section is not completely consistent. There are possible spawns that can kill you. By following the route shown here, you will make it through far more often than not though.
- The first water section is only troublesome on the rare occasion (5%?). It's then usually an enemy that suddenly turns around and fires a bullet at you from the side. Otherwise, notice how the relevant enemies spawn in the same column. With the right positioning, you can take them out as soon as they appear.
- The second water section is also quite safe. The first part is 100% safe (throwing a grenade and running straight between a self-exploding guy and another blue enemy). The second part has sometimes an additional random blue spawn that can shoot you. It's not too common for it to spawn, but if you see it approaching, you should try to take it out or there is high probability you'll end up taking a hit. If that enemy doesn't appear, the method shown here is 100% consistent.
- The grenade throwers in the section between the second bridge and gate to the red fortress love to toss one in your back if you run past them. It's recommended to take out those that get past your grenades, even if it means a small detour to either side.
- Running past the yellow tank (behind the second red wall) is not consistent, but obviously looks impressive. The key is to cut corners as much as possible to succeed. Otherwise it will hit you while running next to it. The safe solution is to stay on the other side of the wall and simply toss a grenade at it. It's one second slower though.
- Running through the bullet rain right before the exit appears to be completely consistent.

Level 2

Foot1 to tank - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJgarhJiwaM
Pretty difficult segment because a lot of things that can go wrong. Mostly due to many possibilities for random spawns.
- You need to take out the left rocket launch guy as soon as he appears on screen. The right one is harmless most of the time, but occasionally (~10%?), he'll start running after you which can mess things up with the super tank between the bridges. If you take out the right guy as shown here, you don't have to worry about that possibility.
- From the second bridge (after the super tank) until the end of the section, there are numerous spots where random shooting blue guys can appear. Most of the time, you can just sprint past them or hope to take them out with the gun or the grenades, but there are so many risks added together that in the end you need to be a bit lucky to get through in one piece.

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