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Lots of information to post

Route : This route can be used for any difficulty for the most part. The most important part is making it to the end of the game as quick as you can and pretty much killing only the few enemies that are required to progress (I'll explain this part further on)

To run this game, you really should carefully read everything I have posted. If you still have questions or would like to contribute something (it will be tested extensively first then the page will be updated) please PM me on SDA and i'll get back to you as soon as possible.


Turn off Blood and Vibration. You don't need to up the Disc Speed personally, but it is an option. Make sure that Infinite Demolition Shot and Slow-Mo are off because Infinite Demo Shot disables all Life Recovery outside of beating stages and Slow-Mo makes the game lag harder than it already does.

What You Should Know

D-Pad is COMPLETELY Useless in this game! You cannot use it for anything, not even menu navigation. You are FORCED to use the Left Thumb Stick for movement and ALL menu navigation!

Learn the menu between stages! This game does not start your menu at "Next Stage" you have to keep mashing left until you reach 'Next Stage' (personally I think this is an awful design choice) If you just mash X you'll speak to Mika who is super slow and you might as well reset.

The difficulty doesn't determine anything but how much damage you take from literally everything. On Kick-Ass mode if anyone with an automatic or flamethrower hits you for a few seconds, you're beyond dead. On Easy Mode you can literally shrug off everything including flamethrowers somewhat (and they do the most damage in general)

I highly recommend first beating the game so you can unlock the stage select to drill out IL practice.

Learn who you have to kill! This game requires certain enemies to make other enemies spawn or to allow you to move to another area.

This game does have mashing so be warned, you'll be mashing Circle a lot for cutscene skips and square to shoot at people. (Outside of diving while shooting)

Explosives SUCK. End of Story, if they knock you down, you will lose time and if you get knocked back and splat on the wall then you'll lose more time and be in a terrible position. (As some of the time rockets will be coming at you already as you're getting up.)

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