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Weapon movement speed

Your movement speed is affected by the weapon you are carrying.

  • 100% - Unarmed/Remote Bomb
  • 95% - Pistol/Shotgun
  • 90% - Dual Pistol/Submachinegun
  • 85% - Assault Rifle
  • 83% - Penetrator
  • 80% - Laser/Advanced Rifle
  • 75% - ASP Rifle/MP-50/Particle Weapon/Rocket Launcher/Minigun/Grenade Launcher/Lightning Arc Weapon

Weapon of choice

  • Unarmed is the primary choice of attack since you move at full speed and most standard enemies die in one to two punches.
  • Kicks kill any unarmored enemy in one hit which is the fastest method of killing Shades and clearing enemies blocking a door.
  • Shotgun is the best weapon overall, killing standard enemies in one shot from mid-range and Heavy Armors in four head shots.
  • Penetrator is primarily used to kill Nightmares because of its high accuracy from long distances and high attack rate.
  • Proximity Mines are very useful against mechs because of their 100% armor penetration, as is the Rocket Launcher.
  • Lightning Arc Weapon kills Nightcrawler Elites in two head shots and is semi-homing (PM).


On Low difficulty, enemies deal 25% damage and their A.I. (tactics/aim) is 50% effective. You also regenerate health up to 40 hit points after not having taken damage for a short time.

Useful cheat codes

god - God mode
guns - All weapons
tears - No ammo consumption
maphole - Next level
health - Full health
armor - Full armor


Ladder glitch

Grab the top of a ladder and press jump to glitch the climbing animation into happening where you are standing, making it possible to clip through the ground and go out of bounds. If you are in floating mode while performing this glitch, you can repeat the climbing animation to sink even lower as well as moving horizontally. To do this, bind crouch to the scroll wheel and crouch once every time you want to repeat the animation. Works on version 1.00.

Reload skip

If you holster your weapon or swap to another weapon and then pull it back out, its ammo clip will be full without having to reload. Works on version 1.04 and lower.


By quick-saving twice in quick succession and then quick-loading while the game is still saving, you will be teleported to a fixed location in the level. In most levels it will teleport you out of bounds and make you die, but in some levels it can be used to save time. Moving while quickporting will make you retain that velocity after teleporting, and quickporting while standing on a ladder will make you stand on a non-existing ladder after teleporting. Works for F.E.A.R. 1.08 and EP.

Floating glitch

There are a few ways to trigger floating mode: The most common method is to press and hold jump, then spam crouch and use on a ladder. This method is FPS dependent and easier to perform on lower FPS. Another way is to stand on certain objects, like usable laptops and elevators, and spamming crouch. Floating mode lets you float anywhere horizontally, as well as sink by repeatedly crouching. You are not able to jump while floating so you will have to ascend using sloped ground or objects. To regain the ability to jump, save and load the game. Works on any version.

Object boosting

Most decorative objects are solid, meaning you can stand and jump off of them. By using explosives or firing at them while having slow-motion activated, you will be able to boost yourself to great heights. However, if the object is moving too fast then you will not be able to jump on it, you will just clip through. This means that most smaller objects are not suitable since their weights are so low, meaning they will traverse much quicker than for example cardboard boxes or trash cans. Works on any version.

Crouch glitch

It is possible to move at running speeds in areas where you normally only can fit by crouching (like vent shafts). Bind crouch to the scroll wheel and run up to the place you want to crouch through, then scroll one step with the scroll wheel while holding forward and you will be in crouch glitch mode until you stand up again. Works on any version.

Fence clipping

By standing at the edge of certain fences and leaning into it while moving and looking at a certain angle, it is possible to clip through it. While inside the fence, keep leaning and tap forward to try to brute force your way through it. Works on any version.

Bullet glitch

This glitch will make the equipped weapon use bullet properties of another weapon. Press and hold jump, then switch to another weapon and press use on a ladder while switching. If done correctly, the equipped weapon will now use bullet properties of the weapon that was attempted to switch to. This is useful to make the MP-50 deal no self damage, in order to boost oneself higher while floating. Works on any version.

Melee cancel

Punching animations can be canceled by crouching after each attack, therefore being able to perform multiple punches in a very short time span. Works on any version.

Climbing people

Normally you are only able to stand on people's heads without being able to jump from them. A way around that is to first glitch into them by simply walking towards them at the right angle, then spamming jump. At some point the game throws you out of the person you glitched into with a full jump. Works on any version.

Wall climbing

Certain types of walls are climbable in the same manner you can climb people - by hugging them and spamming jump. The climbing speed is related to how fast the game runs, some walls are climbed faster on high FPS while others are climbed faster on low FPS. Works on any version.

Corner clipping

It is possible to clip through most objects which have non-blocked corners. Stand on one of the corners and start spamming crouch. If you positioned yourself correctly, you should fall through the object. Now jump and crouch repeatedly towards the object and with some luck you will be able to move freely within the object. If you simply start running around after just spamming crouch at the corner, you will get ejected. Also note that the object must be tall enough to be able to jump crouch into it. Works on any version.

Expansion packs

Extraction Point runs on version 1.07 and Perseus Mandate on version 1.08. They introduce the ability to bash down doors which is slightly faster than simply opening most of them.

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