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Current Fastest Time

24:37 by Mr. K

Stage 1

Collect the machine gun and drop down to collect spread. At the first bridge, collect the second machine gun then shoot down and take out the soldier that will blow up the bridge. On the second bridge, it's possible to jump so that you can land on the platform above the sniper and jump again without getting hit. An easier alternative is to drop down. Collect the second spread powerup as you move to the right. You will need to get up onto the rail at the top of the screen and take control of the machine. A single shot placed correctly is enough to stop the machine. From the top you can hitch a ride.

For the boss fight, use the machine gun to take out the first core. Destroy the second core as it rises and then switch to spread. Approach the last core without walking into the turrets and then switch to spread and finish it off.

Stage 2

You will be replacing spread with crush at the beginning of the stage. The yellow mutants that come down from the ceiling and through the chutes spawn randomly. There are a few that climb out through the walls that are not. With the upgraded machine gun you can take them out after they drop down without ducking.

For the waterfall section, some tight jumping is required. Use the wall climbing glitch to go faster. Make sure to pick up the flame powerup on the carrier at the left. If you've unlocked challenge mode, the challenge "Bad Guy Blitz 2" is an excellent way to practice the jumps required to get through the most of the waterfall section. The section after the barrier wears off will can't effectively be practiced in challenge mode. You need to take out the snipers and avoid the boulder.

The boss fight has two phases. Most of it is self explanatory. The second sniper section is difficult. With the upgraded flame, you can take out one sniper before they begin to fire. You will then be moving from right to left to take out the rest. The boss can be taken out with fire quickly. Where the boss drops its pincer can be manipulated to do slightly more damage.

Stage 3

Crush makes the base rooms extremely easy. Most of the rooms. You will be replacing fire with the laser in room 2. Room 5 is the most difficult. Start in the middle and crouch to take out all 3 of the rolling barrels with crush. You can then move from left to right and take out both cores. You can't be hit when moving left or right, but if you change directions without jumping you can be hit by enemy shots. If you change directions during base stages, be sure to jump.

The strategy for the boss is to jump and use crush. If the boss is cooperative, you'll be able to destroy it quickly. Depending on how cooperative the boss is, you may have to dodge some attacks.

Stage 4

Some of the movements are a bit tight as you move to the right, watch the video for the timings. The submarine fight The submarine fight is pretty straightforward until you attempt to take out the last gun. Be sure to be in the same position that's used in the video. After the fight, take the top path and pick up the laser. The spawns here are completely random. For the climb up the missile, you can practice "Speed Run 6" in challenge mode to get used to the timings. Once you are on the missile, there is jumps and the missiles that come at you are the same each time.

For the boss fight, whether the boss uses the left arm or right arm is random. Ideally the boss will use the left arm first. Use crush and shoot a stream and then get out of the way. This will let you destroy an arm in one cycle. Then move over to the right and repeat the process. The rest of the fight is easy to finish.

Stage 5

You can use the laser and just shoot down. For the eels, you need to be shooting crush downward before they come on the screen and you'll need to try to take them out in two passes. For the next group of spawns stay on the left and fire laser at a diagonal.

The boss is cycle based. You can only do one damage per cycle. The mutant fish that jump can do some strange things so be on your best guard.

Stage 6

Most of the rooms are self explanatory. The turrets in room 2 fire randomly so you need to be ready to jump out of the way at any time. You will be using crush with the exception of room 4.

For the boss fight it's recommended that you use laser. There's not a lot to say.

Stage 7

After taking out the first gunner, grapple to the top as your sprite overlaps the second mutt. You need to drop down to take out the meat puppets, watch out for sniper fire when you do. On the tank, it can be destroyed after one attack with the laser. The tank can do one of two attacks, either drop a shot that rolls or shoot a fireball. You can jump over the fireball. In the next section you have to wait for the meat puppets to explode and disperse. After the mechanical spider you'll have to move through the rail section quickly. The mosquito spawns are random, and they can slow you down. Your best chance is to move right without stopping. You will need to destroy all the worms as you move right. Watch how this is done in the video. It is recommended that for the last section after the rail that you use the top route and collect the barrier. On the bottom route some of the columns can obstruct your view of incoming shots fired by enemies that spawn at the left.

For the boss, take out the pouch on the right then drop down and use the laser to shoot the head. Take out a biker at the bottom on his second pass and then drop down and finish the head with crush.

Stage 8

Most of the rooms are self explanatory. Use the laser and walk from left to right to take out the boss quickly.

Stage 9

For the first black viper fight, stay on the far right side of the screen, hold R and then turn to your left. If you are a pixel too far to the left you will die. Using laser, you can take this boss out before it attacks. Use the climbing glitch to climb up and watch out for the gap in the middle of the screen. Getting through the next section is faster if you use the lower route. The spawns can get crazy and it just takes practice. If you have upgraded fire you can use it to shield you by firing diagonally repeatedly at the floor as you walk. For the Black Viper last boss fight, it can be done in two cycles. Destroy the reaching arms and grapple up quickly and shoot the brain.

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