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General Information

Tips for all 3 versions of Bully (classic, scholarship edition and anniversary edition) will be listed on the same page. Differences to the route or version exclusive glitches will be listed under each game version.

General Tips

Faster Movement: While moving always sprint (as Jimmy's stamina is infinite) or use the skateboard if no bike is available. A bike can be purchased, from the bike shop, as soon as Chapter 2 starts and is accessible at every garage.

Cutscene Skipping: Cutscenes should be skipped as soon as possible as they add onto the in-game timer. Most cutscenes can be skipped by tapping or holding down the interaction button.

Busted Warping: Getting busted by police/prefect can be used to teleport to nearby class or to the principle office/police station, saving time traveling on foot. Note that after getting busted a second time by a prefect (outside of class hours) will result into getting a detention. Also, getting busted during a mission will fail it.

Negating Fall Damage: Fall damage can be negated if you have the skateboard equipped.
Knockout Warping: Knocking self out intentionally, by using fire-crackers, can be used to teleport to the nearest infirmary, saving time traveling on foot.
First Person Mode/Scope Mode: Pressing the up button (on PC) or up on the D-Pad switches Jimmy to the first person mode. If the slingshot is equipped then sniper mode can be used to 'headshot' opponents for higher damage than normal.

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