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@echo off

echo This batch will create a preview version of your Station ID called statid_preview.avi on your desktop.

SET anri_dir=%~dp0
XCOPY /Y /Q "%anri_dir%anridesktoploc.bat" "%appdata%" > NUL
REG QUERY "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders" /V "Desktop" | "%anri_dir%sed" -n s/.\+REG_SZ.\+\\\(.\+\)[^\\]*/\1/gp >> "%appdata%\anridesktoploc.bat"
CALL "%appdata%\anridesktoploc.bat" > NUL 2>&1
DEL "%appdata%\anridesktoploc.bat"

set statid1=
set statid2=
set statid3=
set /P statid1=Station ID Line 1 (normally runner name): 
set /P statid2=Station ID Line 2 (normally game name, run type and time): 
set /P statid3=Station ID Line 3 (normally game name, run type and time continued if necessary): 
IF NOT DEFINED statid1 (SET statid1= )
IF NOT DEFINED statid2 (SET statid2= )
IF NOT DEFINED statid3 (SET statid3= )
REM Replace quotes from user
(SET statid1=%statid1:"="+chr(34)+"%)
(SET statid2=%statid2:"="+chr(34)+"%)
(SET statid3=%statid3:"="+chr(34)+"%)

COPY /Y "%anri_dir%ntsc_d1.png" > NUL
echo global pal=false > statid_preview.avs
echo import("%anri_dir%nate.avs") >> statid_preview.avs
echo run=blankclip(fps=29.97).audiodub(wavsource("%anri_dir%silence_stereo_48000.wav")) >> statid_preview.avs
echo nate_statid_d1(run,"%statid1%","%statid2%","%statid3%").Lanczos4Resize(640,480).converttoyv12 >> statid_preview.avs

"%anri_dir%xvid_encraw.exe" -i "statid_preview.avs" -bitrate 512 -pass1 "statid_preview.stats"
"%anri_dir%xvid_encraw.exe" -i "statid_preview.avs" -bitrate 512 -pass2 "statid_preview.stats" -avi "statid_preview.avi"
del statid_preview.stats statid_preview.avs ntsc_d1.png

set statid1=
set statid2=
set statid3=

ECHO  Finished! You will find statid_preview.avi on your Desktop. You can view this video in any player that supports DivX/Xvid.
@echo on
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