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  • Script for uncompressing .pak files:

  • Use it with quickBMS:

  • Room Viewer/Model Viewer (requires quickBMS):

    • You may not use the room viewer during actual runs!
  • Maps: all taken using the room viewer. Some include the camera sectors.

  • AITD-tools: Memory Viewer, LifeDISA (to disassemble LIFE scripts), TrackDISA (to disassemble TRAK scripts), CacheViewer (to inspect game internal cache) and VarsViewer (to monitor VARs and CVARs).

  • Free in the Dark: engine port useful for checking stuff like what the game code looks like

    • Free in the Dark build for Windows:

    • Free in the Dark .exe camera hack to show a wide screen view of the game while it's running (useful for render bug exploration):

File:FITD cam

  • NHG's YouTube with runs and demos:

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