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This page lists completed runs that are not on the SDA gamelist, runs that are in progress, and links to other PC speedrunning related sites. Some "runs in progress" are discontinued but they're included in the list anyway since they could contain useful information for others.

Other Speedrun Sites

Doomed Speed Demos Archive (Some Heretic & Hexen)

Elasto Mania:

Half-Life 1 & 2 runs collected! (SDA forum topic)
Half-Life 2 Done Quick


Speed Demos Archive - Quake section
Quake done Quick

Serious Sam:
Serious Sam Done Quick

Tomb Runner:
Tomb Raider Speedrunning Site

Adventure games:

Freeware games:

Other games:
TEAM Shambler (Daikatana, Quake 2, Unreal, Wheel of Time etc.)

Runs Completed

Blood 2: The Chosen:
Ophelia, Genocide skill: 0:28:xx by MassRefuge | topic | videos: 1 2 3

Call of Duty:
Regular skill: 1:53:45 by Zero1@osiris | topic

Cold Fear:
0:37:24 by AjAX | topic (video) | in verification

Commander Keen Episode I: Marooned on Mars:
Single-segment, using DOSBox: 0:04:13 by Xarthok | video

Commander Keen Episode III: Keen Must Die!:
Single-segment, using DOSBox: 0:02:17 by Xarthok | topic | video | mirror

Commander Keen Episode IV: Secret of the Oracle:
Single-segment, using DOSBox: 0:13:02 by Xarthok | topic | video

Commander Keen Episode V: The Armageddon Machine:
Single-segment, using DOSBox: 0:18:02 by FractalFusion | topic | video

Commander Keen Episode VI: Aliens Ate My Babysitter:
Single-segment, using DOSBox: 0:04:52 by FractalFusion | topic | video | mirror

Commander Keen: Keen Dreams:
Single-segment, using DOSBox: 0:05:08 by Xarthok | topic | video

Commandos 2:
Normal skill: 0:34:40 by Chris Turner | topic | videos

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin:
1:02:33 by Igyanata | topic | videos

Hotshot skill runs, using D1X port by stx-Vile | topic | videos

Diablo 2:
Druid: 2:03:39 by TheAmbush | topic

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil:
Marine skill: 0:41:52 by yiff.fierus | topic | videos

Duke Nukem 3D:
Piece of Cake skill, using JFDuke3D port: 0:16:09 by Pushpabon and NJeesus | old topic | current topic

Fahrenheit (A.K.A. Indigo Prophecy):
4:04:xx by The_Night | topic

Run by TheWonderer | videos
Run with glitches by TheWonderer | videos

Gothic II: Night of the Raven:
Run by TheWonderer | videos
Run with glitches: 0:40:39 by TheWonderer | topic | videos

Gothic 3:
0:52:55 by TheWonderer | WoG topic | videos

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas:
100%: 20:47:xx by hitman201 | topic | videos: hitman201's FileFront, xud9dab2's FileFront, 13013's FileFront (The videos are a bit scattered all over the place because of FileFront's Deletion Queue which removed segments from hitman201's account, so others have uploaded some missing segments)

Half-Life 2:
Hard skill, Crowbar-Only: 2:11:32 by lowerlogic | topic (videos)

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin:
Normal skill runs by Brumisator | topic | videos

Hitman: Contracts:
Professional skill with All Zeros: 0:32:44 by m1rk3s | Hitmanforum topic (videos)

Novice skill: 0:30:15 by suga | topic | demos

LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy:
Bounty Hunter runs by groobo | topic

Marathon Infinity:
Total Carnage skill: 0:24:35 by CMiller | video

Medieval: Total War:
Hard skill, Byzantine 100%: 1:18:55 by Pendrokar | topic | videos

Mortyr III - Akcje dywersyjne [Polish Version]:
0:39:52 by MortyreR45 | topic (videos)

Narbacular Drop:
0:01:04 by Jesse Katzman-Beimuts | official site (Video at "Downloads" section)

Hard skill: 0:39:41 by samsara | topic (videos) | in verification

Oblivion, The Elder Scrolls IV:
General topic
0:11:19 with glitches by Xevro | video
1:11:41 by kaickul | video
Hardest skill 100%: 15:10:37 by armacham | topic | torrent | stream

Operation Flashpoint:
Veteran skill: 2:39:10 by MassRefuge | topic (video)

Trauma skill without Black Tarot: 1:40:00 by RJ19 | topic | videos

Prehistorik 2:
0:08:02 by Xarthok | old topic | current topic (video)

Prince of Persia:
0:14:17 by Sprint | old topic | current topic | video

Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame:
0:32:50 by elbryan42 | old topics: 1 2 | current topic | videos

Return to Castle Wolfenstein:
I am Death incarnate! skill: 0:43:45 by InsaneB4st4rd | topic (videos)

Rise of Nations:
Conquer the World 100%, Single-segment: 0:42:12 by AquaTiger | topic | in verification

Shrek 2:
0:35:xx by Kwoky | topic

Officer skill: 1:01:09 by xyzzy | topic | videos | mirror

Sniper: Path of Vengeance:
0:21:30 by ZeRo | topic | videos

Soldier of Fortune: Payback:
Normal skill: 0:57:24 by MortyreR45 | topic | videos | in verification

Star Control II:
Easy skill: 1:21:49 by Striker | topic | video

Trust Oracle scenario, Rookie skill, Single-segment, using ZDoom port: 0:20:24 by vk0 | topic (video)

System Shock 2:
Coop run by dirtyminuth and D | topic (videos)

Thief Gold:
Normal skill: 1:09:20 by Simulation | videos

Total Overdose:
Easy skill: 1:25:xx by cortez | topic (videos)

Unreal: Return to Na Pali:
Medium skill, Single-segment: 0:26:xx by Roy_Hess | topic | video

Unreal Tournament Mod: Legacy:
Run by NahkahiiR | video

Unreal Tournament Mod: Operation Na Pali:
Easy skill: 0:51:15 by ShadowWraith | videos <- some dead links

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos:
Hard skill: 4:24:04 by Stupid | topic (videos)

Wolfenstein 3D:
old topic | current topic
Can I play, Daddy? skill, using NewWolf port: 0:33:10 by zzzKOTzzz | video
Spear of Destiny, Can I play, Daddy? skill, using NewWolf port: 0:11:29 by zzzKOTzzz | video

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