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Strat Dump

Fire Dashing: After getting the flame hollow, or with any other subweapon, start dashing while holding the charge attack button. The end of the dash is canceled by the start of the charge and the charge is quickly canceled by another dash. Timing the dash inputs rather than mashing will move faster.

Red Orb glitch: When you die from falling, Fury absorbs herself into a red orb and respawns in the air above the last area you stood on. If you jump out of the animation and fall down again without touching the ground, you will pass through any death barriers below. This goes for both height-based and static death barriers.

Skipping Not Envy




Skip to Wrath 1

Most consistent method

Getting to Avarice

From splintered station

Slightly alternate OoB route

Avarice Fight

Disabling boss AI

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